Soi Thai Soi Nice @ Seleter Mall, Sengkang – Savour Authentic Teochew-Thai Cuisine Beyond Just Mookata and Pineapple Fried Rice (Media)

While Thai cuisine is commonly associated with tom yum, green curry, and other fiery dishes, few in Singapore would be able to make the connection between Thai and Chinese cuisine – specifically, Teochew cuisine. In fact, the culinary scene in Samphanthawong District’s Chinatown bears heavy influences from migrant Teochew merchants who were once called Royal Chinese จนี หลวง.


Since its opening in 2016, Soi Thai Soi Nice has blazed a trail for authentic and scrumptious Thai cuisine in Singapore’s food scene. Starting this month, both outlets in Jurong East and Sengkang will draw on the rich flavours and heritage of Bangkok’s Teochew settlers of old, to let diners savour this lesser known side of Thai cuisine.



Newcomers to Soi Thai Soi Nice’s range of shareable side dishes include Braised Pork Knuckle ($18.90++) is ideal for larger groups, with hearty servings of tender, fall-of-the-bone pork knuckle that entices diners to come back for seconds, and even thirds, along with generous toppings of boiled egg and tofu. Add a couple of bowls of rice, and this wouldn’t look out of place at your regular hawker center!


Diners can also indulge in other shareable side dishes like Tofu Crystal Prawn ($15.90++) and Waterfall Deep Fried Pork Belly ($13.90++), both of which are prepared with wholesome, fresh ingredients and a flavourful sauces. The crystal prawns are especially succulent and fresh, while the pork belly yields delightful textures with every bite.



The stars of Soi Thai Soi Nice’s Teochew-Thai lineup are undeniably the Royal Thai Seafood Porridge and Royal Fish Head Hotpot, both priced at $38.00++ for 2 pax. 

The Royal Fish Head Hotpot comprises a generous selection of mussels, enoki mushrooms, tau kee, flower clam, deep-fried egg tofu, and round cabbage, along with an entire fried fish head that is chopped before serving. Along with a choice of Yam Fish Soup, Tom Yum, or Tom Yum Clear broth, this comforting medley is rich in flavour. The fish head is also incredibly fresh, with delicious morsels of fish meat falling off the bone easily.



Spice seekers will certainly delight in the Royal Thai Seafood Porridge, whose fiery Tom Yum notes are matched by its vibrant, orange-red tones. Similar to the Royal Fish Head Hotpot, this magnificently plated dish is the ultimate seafood lover’s dream, but with the added comfort of porridge and egg yolk for extra flavour. Aside from the succulent flower crab, mussels, clams, red grouper fillet, and squid rings, diners can also add a whole lobster for $16++. Who says porridge has to be plain and boring?


End your Thai feast on a sweet note with a serving of  Coconut Ice Cream with Sticky Rice ($8.90++).


Night owls in the north-east part of Singapore will also have a new supper spot, as Soi Thai Soi Nice’s Seletar Mall outlet will be dishing up an exclusive Royal Thai Mookata ($38++ for 2 pax) till 3am! Say goodbye to cup-a-noodle in the wee hours of the night (or morning).

Address: Seletar Mall 01-29/30   
Google Maps
Nearest LRT: Fernvale LRT SW5 (from Sengkang MRT NE16/STC) 
Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday: 11.30am – 10pm
Saturday and Sunday: 11am – 10pm
Contact: +65 9295 6488




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