Boufé Boutique Cafe @ Phoenix Park, Tanglin Road – Cafe with Insanely Beautiful Cakes Closing end of June; Get Them Before They’re Gone

I rarely review places that are closing, but there was something alluring about Boufé Boutique Cafe that I couldn’t miss out on. Nestled far away from the hustle and bustle of city life, in the tranquil grounds on Phoenix Park, the six-year old establishment recently announced its impending closure following the end of its lease in the old-school building.


Having visited Boufé Boutique Cafe in its heyday, I can safely say that its premises are truly one of a kind, with its sprawling space characterised by clean, white walls and a floral-themed alfresco area often used for weddings.



Sadly current social distancing measures mean we won’t be able to visit this beautiful place for one last hurrah. But we can still enjoy Boufé’s insanely beautiful mini cakes from the comfort of home, thanks to their islandwide delivery which starts at $6 per location within 6km, and $15 for islandwide addresses! 

Aside from their pastry bar, Boufé has also launched an aptly named Night Market, which serves up family-style favourites like XXL Chops and Korean Army Stew.


Boufé Pastry Bar

Cakes that have sealed Boufé’s place in Singapore’s F&Bh hall of fame include the Mini Unicorn Cake ($9), which features coconut mousse, mango cremeux, and vanilla sponge encased in a rich, white milk glaze with white chocolate horns and ears to boot. Definitely an Instagram-worthy dessert that will perk up tea time anywhere. Just be sure to snap your photos quickly before the white chocolate horn tips over, as it melts rather fast.


Mini Unicorn Cake ($9)

Another creation that made its rounds on countless videos on social media is the aptly-named Milky Way ($8.50). Coated with a captivating glaze that resembles the purple and blue hues of the galaxy, this dessert pays homage to the age-old adage: you eat with your eyes first. A generous amount of glaze is poured on every piece to create this unique, captivating masterpiece.

Once you can bear to break past its outer “galaxy”, you’ll be rewarded with well-balanced layers of white chocolate, yogurt mousse, honey genoise and calamansai jelly that complement each other perfectly. The tartness of the calamansai jelly cuts through the subtle richness of other elements, resulting in a treat that fits just perfectly in your “second stomach”.


Milky Way ($8.50)

The Rock ($8) is a similarly glazed treat that is far more rich, comprising 64% chocolate mousse, rum syrup, chocolate genoise, salted caramel, and chocolate feuilletine covered in a grey milk glaze. A far cry from its counterpart of the same name, this visual treat is best shared, lest you find yourself battling against the post-dessert slump.


The Rock ($8)

Last but not least, the Jiggly Bunny Tart ($8.50) lives up to its name with a wobbly soy pudding shaped in the form of a bunny, sitting atop a tart of matcha mousse and azuki beans. A tad too milky for my liking, though I would imagine this jiggly treat to be the stuff of many Boomerangs and slow-mo vids. Whip out your forks for some jiggling action!


Jiggly Bunny Tart ($8.50)


With its sister outlet at Marina Square having shut some time back, it’s a shame to see this establishment go when the month is up. So go get your hands on their sweet treats while you can!

Address: Phoenix Park 01-01  
Google Maps
Nearest MRT: Redhill EW18
Opening Hours:
Tuesday to Sunday: 11am – 5pm
Closed on Monday
Contact: +65 6734 7656

Menu for Delivery 


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