Lemuel Chocolate @ The Star Vista, Buona Vista – Sustainable, Single-Origin Chocolate Bar

With more and more attention paid to sustainable living, it’s only natural that customers are flocking to brands that are able to churn out our favourite goodies at minimal cost to our planet. Lemuel Chocolate is one such brand that is churning out two-ingredient chocolate bars that are sustainably sourced and handcrafted in-house. 


Head to Lemuel Choclolate’s cozy outpost at The Star Vista and find yourself surrounded by chocolate bars, tarts, and other desserts out to whet your sweet tooth. For afternoon tea, you can pick a range of Lemuel Chocolate’s Tarts ($4 for mini, $8 for regular) that are delicately crafted and artfully arranged. Pop a couple of these bite-sized babies and enjoy what gastronomic artistry Lemuel has to offer. 


Pistachio, Liquid Gold, and Hazelnut

Chocolate-rich flavours like Liquid Gold, Signature, and Banoffee are testament to Lemuel founder Ronald Ng’s expertise and dedication to the world of chocolate. While the Pistachio and Hazelnut flavours are well-balanced creations that manage to blend the different components perfectly. 


Liquid Gold, Signature, and Banoffee

If you’re looking to satiate cravings for sweet treats in a sustainable fashion and #supportlocal, Lemuel is a good place to start. Don’t miss their wall of chocolate accolades by their front door! 


Address: The Star Vista B1-31 
Google Maps
Nearest MRT: Buona Vista EW21/CC22
Opening Hours: 
10am – 9pm daily

Website/ FacebookInstagram


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