The West Ridges Morning Brew @ West Ridges, Bukit Batok – Homemade Iced Coffee Balls Featuring Single Origin Arabica Coffee Beans; Delivery Available for West Side (Media)

The Circuit Breaker period in Singapore has given rise to many a home-based business churning out various goods from baked treats to homemade face masks by entrepreneurial Singaporeans. For the rest of us, here’s a chance to support our neighbours’ hidden talents and in a way, #hyperlocal!

The West Ridges Morning Brew is one such home-based project born out of a Singaporean couple’s love for good quality coffee. 


Made with Single Origin Arabica coffee beans from Brazil, the coffee is brewed in small quantities to ensure control and attention to the smallest detail, from grind size to heat. 

Named after the West Ridges housing estate in which the founders reside, The West Ridges Morning Brew’s… brews are currently available for self pick-up in Bukit Batok, or delivery to the west side of Singapore at $10. Fingers crossed for Easties as they’re considering islandwide delivery sometime down the road.  


Signature Iced Coffee Balls ($15 for 4 balls)

With Signature Iced Coffee Balls ($15 for 4 balls) and ready-made Signature Iced Coffee ($4), you can enjoy quality iced coffee at home or on the go. The latter is served with Greenfields 100% milk, which is highly recommended to enjoy the full flavour of the coffee. You can adjust the amount of milk according to how concentrated you prefer your cuppa to be. 


The coffee is easy to drink; not too acidic and glides past the palate easily. The iced coffee balls can last up to 14 days after the day of brewing. 


Signature Iced Coffee ($4)

From now till 20 November, the first 3 customers to opt for delivery for The West Ridges Morning Brew on the day of ordering, will receive $5 off delivery. So Westies – fastest fingers first! 

Address: Bukit Batok Avenue 8 Block 442A
Google Maps
Nearest MRT: Chinese Gardens EW25/ Bukit Batok NS2

Website/  Instagram


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