Croissant Cereal @ Misol Bakery – Instagram-Worthy Bites for Your Breakfast

There’s something oddly quirky about recipes that shrink larger foods to bite-sized pieces and turn them into a cereal. Like Misol Bakery, an Indonesian-based bakery that churns out delightful Croissant Cereal ($23) that is both cute and tasty. 


Available in both Original and Choco flavours, each piece resembles a croissant in miniature form, down to the swirls and puffy patterns that we have come to love and associate with the iconic baked good from France. 


The croissant cereal can be eaten on its own as a crunchy snack. But my favourite way to eat it is definitely as it’s intended – in a bowl of refreshing milk that dissipates the caramel sweetness just a little so it’s not overwhelming. Amazingly, these croissant pieces stay crisp and crunchy even after an extended time being soaked! 


Croissant Cereal ($18)


Choco Cereal ($23)

For a dose of brown sugar goodness, the Choco Cereal ($23) is the way to go. Otherwise, if you’re after more familiar flavours, the Croissant Cereal ($18) holds its own pretty well. Although it’s pricey for a cereal, the quality makes it worth it if you’re looking for something that ticks both boxes for novelty and flavour. 



Contact:+62 818 750 178
Website / Facebook/  Instagram


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