Craft Tea Fox – Quality Matcha and Hojicha from Uji; Available Online at Fairprice (Media)

It seems like yesterday when I was trotting along the streets of Uji, Japan, sampling all the green tea I could get my hands on and blissfully unaware of an impending pandemic that would soon half all travel plans for the coming year. Luckily, retailers like Craft Tea Fox have sprung up to fill the gaping hole left by my favourite Japanese tea. 


Born from a desire to bring healthy drinks to every Singaporean’s household, Craft Fox Tea specialises in matcha and hojicha products imported from Uji. Aspiring home baristas and bakers can also choose from a variety of powders, including Barista Uji Powder ($16.90 for 200g, $49 for 100g), Ceremonial Uji Powder ($19.90 for 20g, $59 for 100g), and Patissier Uji Powder ($12.90 for 20g $39 for 100g), that you can add to your culinary experiments. 


The Bottled Lattes ($7, + $0.60 for Oat Milk) are a convenient treat for those craving their daily dose but don’t want to step out of the house or whisk their own brew. 

Between the two flavours available, I found the Matcha Latte to be distinctly milky, with the unsweetened matcha adding a hint of earthiness to the brew. The Hojicha Latte was more harmonious in taste, with the hojicha blending perfectly with the milk for a smooth finish. My personal preference is the Hojicha Latte.   


Matcha Latte ($7, +$0.60 for Oat Milk)


Hojicha Latte ($7, +$0.60 for Oat Milk)

If you’re in need of a quick fix, or just want to add some quality ingredients to your matcha based recipes, Craft Tea Fox is a great option. What’s more – they’re also committed to recycling every used bottle, which you can opt for pick-up with your next delivery! 


Contact: +65 9668
Website / Facebook/  Instagram


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