Porcelain Cafe by Gratefood Co. @ The Paragon, Orchard – Whimsical Açaí Bowl Cafe in Collaboration with Porcelain Origins and Spa

Healthy living and plant-based eating have never been more on trend, especially with health and wellness related concerns surging in the past year. But healthy doesn’t have to mean boring!

Take Porcelain Cafe for example. The plant-based venture founded in collaboration by superfood retailer Gratefood Co and cult-premium skincare brand Porcelain Origins has made its name in churning out whimsical smoothie bowls that are not only nutritious, but a feast for the eyes as well. 


Nestled among interior decoration shops in a quieter corner of The Paragon in Orchard, the “cafe” looks more like a coffee and ice cream kiosk in the waiting area of a beauty salon. There’s little indication of the superfood magic that’s waiting to happen behind the pristine wood and concrete-themed counter, save for a well-used menu at the entrance. 



There is plenty of space for customers to space themselves and enjoy a spot of afternoon tea before or after their appointments. The most favoured spot is definitely among the plush cushions, where a few couples and groups can be spotted hanging out on the weekend. 


Açaí and smoothie bowls are known for their aesthetics, so it’s no surprise to find the menu filled with pictures of eye-catching creations. But if you’re here for the gram, one item you cannot miss out on is the Smoothie Art Bowl

The Unicorn Dreams ($24) is literally made of the stuff of every unicorn lover’s dream, with pastel-pink pitaya layered on top of orange acerola sobert and a gazillion fruits. There’s even an ice cream dusted with edible silver icing spray, and banana ears and Speculoos crumbs and sprinkles to complete this whimsical look! 


Unicorn Dreams ($24)

The citrusy notes of the sorbet come together perfectly with the sweetness of the maple granola and chocolate oatmilk chia pudding. While the organic raw cacao nibs add some interesting crunch and bitterness to this guilt-free mix. Well worth the 20 minutes it took to put this piece of edible art together. 


The Smoothie Art Bowls are worth every penny. For $24, you get a serving fit for two to three people, and a pot of of floral tea. An average smoothie bowl for one costs at least $10. I also love that the Unicorn Dreams not only looks good, but tastes good and fills the tummy!


For diners looking for bowls of more… typical proportions, Porcelain Cafe also offers a variety of chia pudding and coconut yoghurt bowls, as well as the ever classic açaí-based treats. Though with less visual pomp and circumstance, they are no less delicious and well-crafted. 


Açaí Classic ($11.90)


Online delivery is available for selected bowls and drinks, and you can even grab some packaged superfoods to go from the retail counter. Head over here for some healthy, post-shopping respite! 

Address: The Paragon 04-48 Singapore (238859)
Google Maps
Nearest MRT: Orchard NS22
Opening Hours: 
Monday to Friday: 11am – 6pm 
Saturday and Sunday: 10am – 6pm 



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