Softhaus @ Great World City, Kim Seang Promenade – Ice Cream Bar with 16 Flavours and 22 Toppings by Janice Wong (Media)

A nice ice cream parlour is in town! Janice Wong, chef and owner of the eponymous Janice Wong Singapore brand of sweets and desserts, just launched a new ice cream brand, Softhaus in Great World’s basement. 


Taking over the space once occupied by the now-defunct Plentyfull, Softhaus brands itself as a place where “the wild and whimsical worlds of ice cream and art collide”. Here, ice cream lovers and fans of Janice Wong’s legendary 2am: dessertbar alike will find themselves spoilt for choice, with a dizzying array of 16 flavours and 22 toppings. 



Softhaus’ ice cream flavours (from $6) are sourced locally and sustainably, with KETO-friendly options like Chocolate Sorbet and Pear Thyme Honey Eucalyptus. Refreshingly-flavoured sorbets are also available! 

Personally, I found the Mango Banana Passionfruit Sorbet to be a tad too citrusy for my liking, though that could be easily counterbalanced with a sweet topping like the ice cream sprinkles. The Strawberry Sorbet, in contrast, was just right in terms of sweetness. The Mlik Tea is also pretty intense! 


Toppings range from $0.50 – $1, and you can have your pick of local favourites like Iced Gem Biscuits, Popcorn, and even Cotton Candy, available in two colours. You can also choose between Cones ($1) and Waffle Bowls ($1.50) if Softhaus’ vibrant cups don’t take your fancy. 



Much like the edible art at 2am: dessertbar, every custom creation at Softhaus is artfully prepared, with the flavours and toppings of your choice carefully assembled for the best visual impact. No two cones are alike. Pro tip: We were advised that three is the ideal number of ice cream scoops and toppings you should have! 



Softhaus cleverly blends food with art, and it’ll be interesting to see what multi-flavoured, multi-coloured creations come about! It is on the pricey side for ice cream, though, so prepare your wallets or share these irresistible treats. 

Address: Great World B1-K135, 1 Kim Seang Promenade, Singapore 237994 
Google Maps
Nearest MRT: Orchard NS22
Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm daily 

Menu: Flavours, Toppings


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