Asaru Studio @ Pearl’s Hill Terrace, Chinatown – Experiential Retail Experience Embodies the Japanese Ideals of Omotonashi

In a world consumed by ever-changing trends and the pressure to keep up with them, it’s refreshing to see local businesses committed to preserving traditions that have stood the test of time. Asaru Studio quietly opened its doors in Pearl’s Hill Terrace earlier this year, but has been slowly but surely thrust into the spotlight for its Japanese tea and coffee experience, named the Uchi Session ($30)


Run by a couple of owners whose shared love for all things Japanese brought them together, Asaru Studio was first set up to house numerous bespoke clothing and lifestyle brands, each of them painstakingly curated and hand-sourced. It is the owners’ ardent belief that each customer should be able to see and feel what they are buying, hence the decision to eke out a brick and motar store instead of an online one. 



Stepping in is akin to visiting the home of a distant, yet very fond friend. Because of their commitment to keeping experiences small-scale and slower-paced, each customer is granted service that is personable and welcoming. While walk-ins are allowed, you are highly advised to book an appointment. 

The Uchi Session ($30) lasts an hour, with two pairings of light refreshments and can be used to offset purchases over $50. The tea and coffee are sourced from Japan, incuding Ippodo Tea in Kyoto, while the sweets are made entirely in-house. 


The experience from start to finish is a labour of love, with anecdotes of the owners’ Japan trips interwoven throughout the two courses. It truly feels as though you’ve been invited into a very personal space, cocooned from the hustle and bustle of daily life. 


Hand Whisked Matcha

The Strawberry Daifuku, which is currently ending its run as the strawberry season draws to a close, was incredibly sweet, with an intense chewsiness that was thoroughly enjoyable. The dessert is handmade daily, to ensure the signature chewiness that all but disappears when left overnight. 


Strawberry Daifuku

Coffee purists will appreciate the simplicity of the Pourover Cofeee. No fuss, no frills. Just like the space. 


Pourover Coffee



Pourover Coffee

It’s hard to believe that the owners are self-taught cooks. The Matcha Roll with Azuki and Cream is perfectly spongy, with the sweetness of the azuki perfectly balanced with the rich cream. 


Matcha Roll with Azuki and Cream

There is a quiet tranquilty that is hard to find elsehwere. Asaru Studio offers a one-of-a-kind experience that provides much-needed respite peppered with personalised service that would easily transport you to the traditional teahouses of Japan. I would thoroughly recommend paying this hidden gem a visit if you are in need of a reset. 



Address: 195 Pearl’s Hill Terrace 01-07, Singapore 168976
Google Maps
Nearest MRT: Chinatown DT19/ NE4
Opening Hours: 
Thursday to Sunday: 12pm – 6pm (last appointment at 5pm)
Closed from Monday to Wednesday



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