Celebrate Ramadhan with Limited-Time Texas Chicken Sambal from 15 April – 26 May 2022

East meets west in Texan Chicken’s newest time-limited menu! The Texas Chicken Sambal infuses the signature fried chicken with a sweet-spicy sambal sauce that is guaranteed to set mouths watering. 

Available from 15 April to 26 May 2022, the Texas Chicken Sambal is available both as Two-Piece Sambal Chicken Combo ($9.80) and a One-Piece Sambal Chicken and Rice Set ($8.40). The latter is a hearty serving of sambal chicken with chicken-flavoured rice, enough to satisfy most hungry diners. 

The chicken skin itself is a mixture of sweet and spicy, through the meat itself is relatively free of the mouthwatering coating. Goes well with the rice and vegetables. 

One-Piece Sambal Chicken and Rice Set ($8.40)

One-Piece Sambal Chicken and Rice Set ($8.40)

The Chicken and Rice Set also includes regular coleslaw and Sjora Mango Peach to counter all that spiciness. And if you find yourself craving for more local sweets, there’s also a Chendol Gula Melaka Soft Serve ($2.50) that’s launching with this menu! 



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