Soba Kappo Reiwa @ Trengganu Street, Chinatown – Authentic 100% Buckwheat Flour Soba Noodles 2 Mins Away From Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum

Following a successful start in Singapore’s heartlands, Japanese-run Reiwa Soba has upgraded to a space of its own, named Soba Kappo Reiwa. Interestingly, the hole-in-the-wall eatery can be found a 2-min walk away from Buddha Tooth and Relic Museum, in the heart of Chinatown


Incorporating elements of kappo (a style of cooking that emphasizes homely dishes presented in a more refined setting than izakayas, but less formal than omakase restaurants), Soba Kappo Reiwa exterior is entirely opaque, shielding customers from the outside world’s on-going bustle. Here, you’ll find a homely oasis of authentic Japanese cooking and its most pleasant aromas. 


Regular customers of Reiwa Soba will spot familiar items such as REIWA Soba and Zaru Soba being served alongside premium, seasonal dishes.

Despite its seemingly non-descript appearance, Soba Kappo Reiwa is packed with customers, and dinner-time queues can get pretty long. It’s highly recommended that you make a reservation before going down to enjoy its homemade dishes made with care and finesse. 

The Sea Bream Kake Soba ($15+) is a comforting main dish consisting of tai broth and tender sea bream slices that melt in your mouth. The yuzu peel adds a zesty tang to the broth, while the soba, made with 100% buckwheat, is notably nuttier and chewier than most “regular” versions we are used to. Texture-wise, the slight non-uniformity of the noodles enhances their homemade flavour. 


Sea Bream Kake Soba ($15+)

The aroma of the neighbouring table’s Dashi Omelette ($10+) was alluring enough to make me order one for myself. The Dashi Omelette is a pretty hefty side dish made with kampung eggs. Biting into the omelette is like biting into an edible blanket, made with several umami layers. Zero regrets having this all to myself! I also like the grated radish that acts as a palate cleanser in between bites of omelette. 


Dashi Omelette ($10+)

I had a lovely meal at Soba Kappo Reiwa, and it’s easy to lose track of time when you’re surrounded by good food and mouthwatering aromas. Don’t miss out on the array of appetisers and side dishes, only available at Reiwa Soba’s store! 


Address:25 Trengganu Street, 01-12, Singapore 058476
Google Maps
Nearest MRT: Chinatown DT19/ NE4
Opening Hours: 
Monday: 5.30pm – 10pm 
Tuesday and Thursday to Sunday: 11.30am – 2.30pm and 5.30pm – 10pm 
Closed on Wednesday
Contact: +65 9355 1618

Facebook/ Instagram 


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