SKIRT @ W Sentosa, Sentosa Cove – Elegant Steakhouse with Decadent Grilled Meats

If you’re a steak lover, chances are you have heard of SKIRT, an elegant steakhouse situated at W Sentosa in Sentosa Cove. Dubbed “the boldest grill”, SKIRT prides itself on its extensive range of top-of-the-line cuts from Argentina, Australia, and USA, along with other mouthwatering offerings made with sustainably-sourced ingredients. 


Whether you are dining early in the evening or later at night, the decor at SKIRT is something to behold. From the suspended glass sculptures resembling a bull’s horns, to the bustling parilla grill where all the action takes place, stepping into SKIRT is like stepping into a luxurious, yet cozy and intimate steakhouse. 


The complimentary Focaccia Bread which kickstarts your meal is fluffy with just the right amount of smokiness and salt. Each loaf is freshly baked, making it a delight to pull apart a bun or two to snack on before your main course arrives. 


Focaccia Bread

There is something decadent about cutting into a prime cut of steak. The Argentinian Grass-Fed Tenderloin 300g ($90++) is one of the more affordable cuts on the menu. Each cut of meat boasts perfect marbling and a mild, smoky flavour that pairs well with the confit smoked garlic and red wine jus. The buttery texture of the meat makes it all the more pleasurable to cut through, and the watercress added just the right amount of earthiness to counter the tenderloin’s rich flavours. 


Argentinian Grass-Fed Tenderloin 300g ($98++)

The Sauteéd Kale with Shaved Almonds ($15++) was the least memorable part of my meal. I highly recommend sharing this and the Duck Fat Potatoes ($16++) – which I regrettably skipped – instead. 


Sauteéd Kale with Shaved Almonds ($15++)

Pick Me Up ($18++) lives up to the name of SKIRT’s dessert menu – sweet endings. The contrast between the sweetness of the espresso macaron and mascarpone texture and the bitter tang of the amaretto makes for an intense, yet intriguing play on the tastebuds. Think a deconstructed with tiramisu with the flavours dialled to a hundred. No regrets on splurging on this; I’d gladly be back for SKIRT’S desserts alone! 


Pick Me Up ($18++)

SKIRT’s location in Sentosa Cove makes for an idyllic getaway from the mainland, and I’m bookmarking this place for future celebratory dinners with my steak-loving family! 

Address: 21 Ocean Way, W Singapore, Sentosa Cove 098374
Google Maps
Opening Hours: 
Sunday to Thursday: 6pm – 10pm
Friday and Saturday: 6pm – 11pm
Contact: +65 6808 7278

Website/ Facebook/ Instagram 


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