Sen-ryo Singapore @ ION Orchard, Orchard – Affordable, Luxe Japanese Food with Two-Month Waiting List

Sen-ryo has been on my list of places to try for a while now, but it was only recently that I finally got to visit this famed Japanese restaurant at ION Orchard. Not for my busy schedule or procrastination, but for a waiting list that averages up to two months.  

The Tochigi-based brand has been around since 1999, with a whopping 13 outlets scattered across Hong Kong, where its rise to fame in the region started. Its ION Orchard outpost is its first in Singapore, with queues showing no sign of abating in spite of it having passed its one year mark.


Sen-ryo is best described as an intersection between traditional cuisine and modern settings. Its interior is distinctly moody, with four intimate seating sections spaced across its premises. The sake and grill bar seats are the best for catching all the action. Otherwise, you can cozy up in one of two dining nooks, whose sleek, monochrome decor gives off a zen vibe.


The ultra-modern setting does help to elevate your senses. The price points for the quality of ingredients used and the presentation are pretty reasonable, and it’s difficult to not want to order everything from the picturesque menu! But if you’re looking for something a little more wallet-friendly, then Sen-ryo’s lunch sets are for you. 

With lunch sets that start from $15.80++, it’s a good entry point into Sen-ryo’s luxurious menu. Sample the best of everything that this restaurant has to offer with the Sen Ryo Special Bento ($29++) which curates nine premium assorted dishes in bite-sized portions.

From the crispy tako karaage, to the homely tofu in goma sauce and grilled saba, it’s extremely satisfying to sample Sen-ryo’s culinary versatility in a bento. The signature sen-ryo tamagoyaki is also included as a sampler. There’s even air-flown sashimi – cuts of salmon belly, hamachi, and fatty otoro that aren’t too shabby. This is truly one of the most value-for-money bentos I’ve tried from any Japanese restaurant. 


Sen Ryo Special Bento ($29++)


In the mood to indulge? The Kaisen Don ($38++) is made for sashimi lovers. The ratio of fish to rice is just right, with every bite bursting with freshness and flavour. I’m a sucker for fresh Japanese seafood, and this hit the spot! 


Kaisen Don ($38++)

Fresh sushi and luxurious plating may be the stars of the show but, it’s also worth checking out Sen-ryo’s selection of hot foods! The Assorted Skewer Platter ($18++) is a sampling of grilled-to-order meats and vegetables which we couldn’t resist.  

The tebaski  and hotate skewers were well-seasoned with the sauces enhancing the meats’ natural flavours. Portions are perfect for two as well.


Assorted Skewer Platter ($18++)


It says something when a restaurant continues to operate at full house a year after its opening, especially in Singapore where diners are often chasing the next trending thing. Hope to be back soon to try Sen-ryo’s sushi

Address: ION Orchard, 2 Orchard Turn, 03-14, Singapore 238801
Google Maps
Nearest MRT: Orchard NS22
Opening Hours:
11am – 10pm daily
Contact: +65 6974 6782



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