Lee’s Confectionery @ Jurong East Street, Jurong – Understated HDB Cafe with a Rotating Menu of Sweets

I have a soft spot for HDB cafes, especially if it’s somewhere I can find artisanal, plated desserts. There’s something understated about savouring elegantly-crafted sweets in the comfort of a humble, familiar neighbourhood. 

Lee’s Confectionery is about as unpretentious and heartland as you can get. 


Judging by the cafe’s minimalist interior, one would not be able to tell that its eponymous founder, Lee Yin Quan, used to train at Michelin-starred restaurants in Paris before setting up shop in Jurong East

In fact, it doesn’t even have a signboard indicating its presence, leading us to walk right past it the first time. 

Navigation issues aside, Lee’s Confectionery enjoys immense popularity amongst cafehoppers, as could be seen from the steady flow of customers during our visit. 


Lee’s Confectionery plates up both permanent and seasonal items, which you can spot on their Instagram page. (I was slightly disappointed that the highly-raved Dale and Pump were no longer in rotation!) While earlier reviews have pointed out a rather extended wait for desserts, we did not find this to be the case. 

The Madu ($9.50) is a honey-centric dessert that comprises cornflakes crumble, honey caramel, and horlics mascarpone cream.  I loved the distinct, syrupy notes, and it was almost like biting into a luxed-up version of my favourite cornflakes cereal. 


Madu ($9.50)

One thing about the current menu is that it features a lot of rich, creamy flavours. For something tartier, the Beri ($9.50) should do the trick. The slight unevenness of the strawberry slices give the dessert a homemade feel, while the crispy choux pastry and whipped vanilla cream would no doubt be a crowd favourite. Countering the exterior layers of rich and tarty flavours is the coconut white wheat, whose textures and flavours reminded me of barley. 


Beri ($9.50)

While not situated in the most convenient of locations for this Eastie, Lee’s Confectionery is worth a gander if you’re in the mood for elegant desserts without the pomp and circumstance. 


Address: 343 Jurong East Street 31, 01-59, Singapore 600343
Google Maps
Nearest MRT: Chinese Garden EW25
Opening Hours:
Wednesday to Sunday: 12 pm – 6pm 
Closed on Monday and Tuesday

Website / Facebook/  Instagram


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