OVERBRØD @ Anchorpoint Shopping Centre, Alexandra Road – Atas “Ikea Food” at Scandinavian-Inspired Deli

With Australian and Korean-inspired cafes dominating the local food scene, it’s refreshing to see places like OVERBRØD go against the grain by serving Swedish, Danish, and Norweigan dishes. Especially when most Singaporeans’ primary encounters with said cuisines have been through a certain furniture retail store. 


Much like the Scandinavian cuisine it was inspired by, OVERBRØD’s space is on the minimalist, understated side, with dark wood fixtures creating a homely, cozy vibe.

Interestingly, it’s also set up shop outside Anchorpoint Shopping Centre, directly opposite IKEA Alexandra, the OG of Scandinavian delis in Singapore. 



Smørrebrøds – otherwise known as Danish open-face sandwiches – make up most of the menu, along with deli-style dishes that are made for sharing. Regulars of IKEA’s dine-in restaurant should check out the Toast Skagen ($18, +$4 for soup or salad of the day) which consists of coldwater shrimps with sliced boiled eggs on gennel butter loaf. 

This is where OVERBRØD’s culinary inventiveness comes into play. While traditional Scandinavian food is often light on flavour, relying instead on the freshness and simplicity of its ingredients. OVERBRØD’s take is noticeably more intense, with a hint of Japanese influences for added umaminess to appeal to local palates – such as mentaiko and tobiko.

The coldwater shrimps in the are delightfully fresh, its clean and simple flavours elevated by the boldness of the mentaiko. 


Toast Skagen – Shrimp ($18, +$4 for soup or salad of the day)

You can’t say you’ve visited a Scandinavian deli till you’ve had some Frikadeller ($18) – savoury Danish meatballs served on a bed of comforting, creamy mashed potatoes.

At $3 a pop for six meatballs, it’s certainly at a higher price point than IKEA. For comparison, you can get 8 of these for $6.90, although the quality is arguably different. 

Biting into the meatballs, you can taste how flavourful they are. The unevenness of the meatballs’ texture points to it being handmade in-house, which lends the dish an even homier feel. The brown gravy is rich and tasty, and the lingonberry jam is on par, if not better, than most fruit-based concoctions. I loved how the tanginess contrasted with the rest of the savoury components. 

Frikadeller - Meatballs ($18)

Frikadeller – Meatballs ($18)

Comparing OVERBRØD to IKEA would not exactly be fair to the team’s dedication to detail and craft. There’s evidently a lot of heart that has gone into preparing each meal, and you can also treat yourself to a selection of Swedish and Danish craft beers. Overall, it’s a nice spot to kick back and relax with some unconventional deli fare if you’re in the west!


Address: 370 Alexandra Road, Anchorpoint Shopping Centre, 01-14A, Singapore 159953
Google Maps
Nearest MRT: Queenstown EW19
Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday: 10am – 3pm, 5pm – 10pm
Saturday and Sunday: 10am – 10pm

Facebook/  Instagram


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