Oaks Coffee Co. @ Upper Thomson Road – Aesthetically-Pleasing Brunch Dishes and Coffees

Upper Thomson Road has come into its own as a destination for hip cafes and notable eateries. And with the recent opening of the Thomson East Coast Line making it more accessible, there’s no excuse to not go exploring.  

Oaks Coffee Co., opened by the team behind The Kins’ at Pasir Panjang, has joined the burgeoning cafe scene on the upper-east side of Singapore. 


The 30-seater cafe has both indoor and alfresco dining areas.  I love how the split levels offer some semblance of privacy from each dining area, while also creating more countertop seats on busier days. 

The counter seats by the front offer the best view of the baristas, where you can watch each brew being prepared. Getting in and out of that area can get a tad challenging, though, as the walkway can only fit one person at a time. 


Oaks Coffee Co. serves brunch items from 10am – 5pm, and dinner from 6pm onwards. The cafe prides itself on thoughtfully-crafted dishes that showcase its creativity and attention to detail. 

While most diners are drawn to their egg-based dishes, the pasta mains are also worthy of a shoutout. The Spaghetti Carbonara ($19+) is a rich and robust pasta that features al dente strands topped with salty bacon bits and succulent mushrooms. The creamy onsen egg adds to the richness of the cream base, while tying all the ingredients together. The greens also make for a nice, aesthetic touch. 


Spaghetti Carbonara ($19+)

Shakshouka ($21+) is a Tunisian breakfast dish that is not commonly found on most cafes’ menus, so I couldn’t pass that up. This is a vibrantly-flavoured and presented dish, thanks to the aromatic tomato spiced sauce. You can use the sourdough bread that’s served with it to scoop up mouthwatering chunks of tender chicken thigh cubes and feta cheese. Overall, it’s a worthy contender for Oak Coffee Co.’s best brunch main! 


Shakshouka ($21+)

Aside from its gorgeous brunch plates, Oaks Coffee Co. is also known for brewing unique coffees and teas that wouldn’t look out of place on a mocktail menu. 


Specialty drinks include Fizzy Espresso Yuzu ($9+), an in-your-face concoction of tonic water, yuzu marmalade, and espresso. Coffee pundits might appreciate this, although the tonic water and espresso were on the strong side for me. 


Fizzy Espresso Yuzu ($9+)

The White Peace Matcha ($9+) is much milder and accessible. With the weather reverting to sunny and scorching, the Peony Jade and blue pea tea is a welcome refreshment, combined with the matcha’s earthy notes. 


White Peach Matcha ($9+)

With cozy nooks and good vibes from the staff, Oaks Coffee Co. is a great spot to chill out on lazy weekends. Classic brunch lovers and eclectic menu seekers would definitely appreciate the variety here. 


Address: 223 Upper Thomson Road, Singapore 574355
Google Maps
Nearest MRT: Upper Thomson TE8
Opening Hours: 
Monday to Friday: 10am – 10pm (closed on Wednesday)
Saturday and Sunday: 8am – 10pm
Contact: +65 8286 2230



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