4 Things Worth Celebrating about #TheSingleLife on 11.11 Singles Day (And Black Friday!)

Now normally I would save a post like this for when Valentines’ Day is just around the corner. But since 11.11 Singles Day is coming up, what better time to for all you single guys and gals to remind yourselves that the #independent life is not as dreary as your coupled friends and concerned relatives make it out to be?
Just in case you’ve forgotten, here are 5 ways to celebrate your independence.

1 Your Vacation = Your Agenda

Unless you are travelling with friends or family, vacation time is me time! What better way to escape the drudgery of small talk and daily obligations than to treat yourself? Want to sleep past twelve? Sure! Toying with the thought of getting up and setting out for unexplored terrain? Why not?
For me, travelling solo is a time to recharge and reflect on my life goals…and ticking off those remaining boxes on my bucket list. Sometimes, some things (or places) are best experienced on your own too.

2 Focus on Your Personal Growth

Speaking of bucket lists, the time when you’re single is the best for pushing your own boundaries and making those bold life choices you’ve been putting off.

3 Feast Guilt-Free to Your Heart’s Content

Waiting till your Instagram savvy boyfriend has taken the perfect #flatlay of his food. Warily negotiating your girlfriend’s strict calorie count at dinner. None of these… inconveniences exist when you’re at a meal for one. Best of all, no fighting over that last morsel of food!

And last but not least…

4 Shop Till You Drop – Without Having to Face the Music!

Did you know that 11.11 Singles Day is also known as Black Friday, the biggest retail day of the year? With clothing lines like Zalora, H&M, Uniqlo and more launching their own sales, it’s the equivalent of Christmas for shopaholics.

But why wait? ShopBack has prepared for you a list of 11.11 Singles Day and Black Friday Deals for you to check out ahead of 11 November! So here’s me sharing it with you!


Kittea – Artisanal Tea Flavours for Cat Lovers (Invite)

I’ve recently gotten into the habit of drinking tea – just taking 5 minutes off my morning to brew a cup, and taking in that sweet, sweet aroma has become my little sanity fix amidst busy days at work.

Kittea began in 2016 with an intention to combine its founder’s love of tea and cats (hehe geddit geddit?). The result is 12 unique brews, each with its own take on the breed it was named after.


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5 Reasons to Visit DBS PayLah! Palooza Bazaar, Singapore’s 1st Ever QR Code Cashless Payment Led Bazaar (5 – 7 May) @ *SCAPE (Invite)

[Update 6 May 2017 – More information about how to use Paylah! as well as stalls to watch.]

Missed the Singapore edition of Artbox, held at Marina Bayfront a couple of weeks ago? You’re in luck, because DBS is back with another bazaar, Paylah! Palooza this weekend!


Source: DBS

I’m a big supporter of local F&B and lifestyle vendors, and an even bigger lover of bazaars, so here are 5 reasons you should check out Paylah! Palooza.

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5 Reasons to Shop at Kohepets if You are a Pet Owner (Invite)

As a pet owner, I’m always concerned about whether I’m providing enough food and toys for my fur kid. Whether it’s sourcing new options to add that much needed variety in his diet, or getting my hands on chew toy to spoil him with, shopping for the right things for my pet can sometimes be challenging, especially with each animal having specific needs, but really fruitful when I see that happy gleam in his eyes.


So, when Kohepets approached me to try their online shopping experience, I thought – why not?

Instead of documenting my shopping experience from start to finish, I thought I would list 5 advantages of shopping with Kohepets – so here they are!

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