Hello Kitty’s Celebration @ City Square Mall (15 – 23 Mar 2014) (Invite)

This character needs no introduction; she’s the world’s most famous kitty, and she’s spun an industry worth gazillions of billions of dollars loved by fans young and old alike. That’s right, I’m talking about Hello Kitty, the mouthless feline star who has taken over City Square Mall with the latest Hello Kitty Celebrations (more on that later).


Young ones and grownups who are young at heart are in for a treat this March school holiday. Spend a minimum of $50 and get your paws on a Meet & Greet Pass to take a picture with Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel (see below!). In addition, every $50 spent gets you and three family members a potential golden ticket to a 7D6N trip to Japan, with a visit to Sanrio Puroland, the mecca of all things kawaii (limited to 20 entries per shopper per day regardless of amount spent).

On top of that, City Square Mall is also rewarding shoppers with a $5 City Square shopping voucher for every $200 spent ($250 if inclusive of NTUC FairPrice receipts). So hey, how’s that for participating in Singapore’s favourite pastime? 😛

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Race The Dead 2013 , Day Two @ Sentosa

I once joked that the only thing that could make me run faster would be a zombie hot on my heels.

Little did I know that I would be outrunning not one, not two, but an entire army of the undead, on the sandy beaches of Sentosa!

Branded as Singapore’s First Ever 5K Zombie Run, Race The Dead combines a grueling obstacle course with an even bigger, more menacing obstacle – the zombie, whose dreaded bite can turn you into a grey-skinned, sore-popping creature that goes “Gnnnnnarrrr” at the sight of human flesh.

Having a mild obsession for zombie movies like 28 Days Later and the like, but being too cowardly to give the ol’ horror themed mazes a try, Race The Dead became the next best thing – sort of a replacement agenda on the bucket list. 😉


You can’t tell here, but I’m actually cowering on the inside – and holding in a fart.

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Unicorn on the Run

I became a unicorn last week.

No, I did not drink a magic potion that transformed me into the elusive mythical creature, complete with a glittery horn and shiny mane. Neither am I about to gallop off to the fantastical Land of Equestria. 😛

It all started when a friend of mine had a crazy idea to prance around Singapore in a unicorn mask and a T-shirt emblazoned with #unicornontherun. As part of a social media campaign aptly named Unicorn on the Run, the aim was to generate much buzz around an “average troll unicorn” which would in turn help her earn a spot in a Google ad camp. 😉


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The Color Run 2013, Day One @ Sentosa

For a generation that spends majority of its waking hours glued to the glare of a smartphone or the glow of a computer screen, we sure spend a hell lotta time running. We run after the bus, we run to zip into the train before that gate closes, and we run after the bus… well, you get the idea.

But it’s not often that we get to run with mounds of colour powder thrown at us from all four directions.

The Color Run (think Holi meets running), also branded as the Happiest 5k on the planet originated in the United States in 2012 as an untimed paint race. It aims to spread an athletic experience beyond the ol’ make-it-to-the-finish-line-in-the-quickest-time routine. Top that with coloured powder stations at every 1km, and you pretty much have an outdoor party that can be enjoyed by all! 😀


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Tanjong Beach Club @ Sentosa

Navigating one’s way around Singapore can be a tricky affair at times, especially with her ever changing infrastructure, and not forgetting – and this is my greatest pet peeve – the ever so strange way we name our places and buildings. Like how some places are named after a district that they’re not even located in.

Heck, there’s a certain Pasir Ris Secondary School right smack in my neighbourhood, and I sure as hell am not living in Pasir Ris!

Luckily, Tanjong Beach Club (TBC) is nowhere near committing this cardinal sin; its name is as straightforward as its location: right in Tanjong Beach at Sentosa! Though some might easily confuse it with Tanjong Pagar,  going by evidence in hash tags on Instagram.

Arriving at its pristine white entrance with a couple of colleagues one sunny Saturday afternoon, who would’ve guessed that we would be stepping into a tropical oasis with a 1950s beach resort concept:
Tanjong Beach Club

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Surviving your first outdoor concert (The Singapore Social Concerts 2013, Day One @ Gardens by the Bay)


Scoring free tickets to The Ultimate Concert Weekend is a lot like winning the lottery; you cast your lot in, half hoping and half fearing at what your luck may bring, and in a bid to eliminate any possibility of disappointment and false hope, you try to distract yourself from your one-off game with fate by going about one mundane task after another. Then out of the blue, you get the call of a lifetime (I say lifetime because you’ve probably spent that long waiting for it): you won!

And the million dollar prize? A pair of free tickets to catch your all-time favourite artistes LIVE at the Starcount Concert 2013, held in conjunction with the world’s very first Social Star Awards at Gardens by the Bay!

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