Skinny Pizza @ Raffles City

If I could pick just one dish to eat for the rest of my life, it’s got to be pizza. There’s something about that crust-and-toppings combination that makes my mouth water just at the thought of it. And not forgetting the communal aspect of slicing and sharing, which makes it a welcome staple at any event, be it a birthday party or a simple get-together. 😉

Yet, what sets a good pizza apart from a great one is its crust: the technique involved in making it light and crisp, and its ability to compliment the myriad of ingredients on top.


When I met up with a couple of Hall mates to check out the Consumer and Electronics Exhibition a couple of weeks back, a casual and hearty meal was in order. And what better way to fuel up than at Skinny Pizza! 😀

Truth be told, I was a little hesitant about giving this place a shot after hearing less than stellar reviews about its food and service. But, boy, was I proven wrong! And I’ll soon tell you why. 😉


Taking our cue from Her World magazine, which voted Skinny Pizza’s Squid Ink as the Best of the Best, we ordered one to share. And yes, it’s really the best of the best pizza in town! 😉


Long before we were tucking in, we were already feasting our eyes on this self-proclaimed “seafood feast”.

Fresh calamari rings scattered across in a most enticing manner, along with generous portions of prawns, onions, rocket salad, and tomato salsa. Makes for great eye candy, even though the cooks could have been a little more consistent in the way they spread the calamari and rocket salad. 😉

The calamari had a chewy consistency to it, making it a delight to bite into, even for yours truly who’s not big on calamari. 😀 As for the prawns, they were surprisingly succulent, and not as shriveled as I expected them to be after some serious bakin’. All held together by a rich, creamy base which, surprisingly, did not make the crust turn soggy at all!

Ah yes, it was a definite catch of the day. 😀

I would gladly have ordered another round of it to satisfy my new found craving, if not for the fact that we had another pizza on the way:


When you’ve got the yummiest recipes in town, everything else is secondary, and that was the case for our second choice, Braised Veal with Onion Marmalade.

Oh, for the love of fancy names that make your bellies rumble in anticipation! If only it looked as fancy as its name.

Aesthetically speaking, this pizza was a classic case of “the messier, the better.”


Generous chunks of beef over a bed of mash and topped with a handful of rocked salad; this was to become the ultimate comfort food for our table. Think bangers and mash meets pizza crust, and you’re almost there. 😀

Paired with sage and caramelized onion marmalade, the veal was absolutely tender, and it burst with flavour upon every bite. Adding to this gastronomic delight was the mash, butter and creamy. No prizes for guessing whose diet flew out the window – again.

I’m not a huge fan of rocket salad, given its bitter taste, so the amount was just right for me. 😀

What amazed me was how the pizza crusts managed to stay so thin and crispy, even with all those ingredients layered on top! At times, I thought I was biting into a wafer-thin cracker.

Which is good, considering how most pizzas are overly bready and heavy with cheese, thus giving us that dreaded, post-meal bloatedness. Not at Skinny Pizza, though! 😀


To quench your thirst, Skinny Pizza offers a variety of house beverages, each concocted with a special recipe.

Unfortunately, my original choice had already sold out for the week, so I settled for a Wildberry Choc Cookie Fizz Mocktail, made with “all the berries in the world, with a mild cookie aftertaste”.

But  don’t lose your appetites yet; the combination of fruits and confectioneries in a drink  might put you off, but trust me, it tastes absolutely great. After downing a couple of slices of pizza, a sip of this refreshing drink was more than welcome.

True to its name, the Wildberry Choc Cookie Fizz Mocktail was a perfect blend of berries. There was a subtle hint of cookie in its aftertaste, but not so intense that it overwhelmed the flavour of the berries. On the whole, the mocktail was both refreshing and quirky on my palate, and there was no way I could stop at just one sip. 😀


With a little room left in our tummies for just another bite, we ordered a side of Truffle Fries which came in a metal mess tin (what’s with all the eateries serving their food in a mess tin nowadays?). Piping hot and with a sprinkle of truffle oil and salt, it was indeed the best way to end a great Sunday meal. 😀

Overall, Skinny Pizza is great value for money. The servings are generous, and the flavours subtle yet enticing. What’s more, there’s a 15% voucher for your next visit when you spend over $50 on your DBS/ POSB card; who doesn’t love discounts? 😀

Address: Unit B1-63/64, Raffles City Shopping Centre, 252 North Bridge Road

Website/ Facebook

Contact: 63335069


Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm


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