Kith Cafe @ Park Mall

Tucked away in a relatively quiet part of Dhoby Ghaut at Park Mall, Kith Cafe is one of those places I’ve been hearing rave reviews about, but have always put off paying it a visit. Well last weekend brought a sudden downpour, which made Kith an ideal place to brunch at since it was too troublesome to explore other options in view of the weather.

I’ll confess that we didn’t get off to a good start: the cafe was near full though I arrived late into the afternoon, with the staff flurried around serving other tables while a couple were just finishing up. Though there was an empty table right in front of me, I was made to enter my name and number onto an electronic queue system. Five minutes later, I would be shown to that same (uncleaned) table.


Lacklustre service aside, though, I didn’t want to write it off on my first visit so I decided to give their food a chance – which turned out to be a pretty good one.

Kith Cafe’s menu shifts throughout the day – breakfast items in the morning, pasta from early afternoon onwards and a special happy hour for those seeking a good pint or two, resulting in a unique amalgamation of tastes and smells at different tables. Picked a table in the alfresco area and settled for a leisurely brunch while watching the traffic past by. 😉

I was feeling a little sleepy and parched from running around to avoid the rain earlier, so I settled for an Iced Honey Milk Latte. Honey wasn’t exactly blended into the coffee, but I’m guessing it’s intentionally chunky for that extra flavour in between sips. Was quite interesting to taste pure honey in between sips of coffee, though the latte itself tasted a tad watery.

If you order a sandwich at Kith Cafe, you’ll be forgiven if you thought that the servers were bringing up Godzilla’s baby on a plate. That thing is huge. 

The Bacon Sandwich is served with nacho chips, which I assume are for that generous chunk of  avocado right smack in between what I can only describe is a pair of Singapore’s most perfectly poached eggs. I almost couldn’t bear to run my knife through them, but once the yolk, runny and rich, was mixed with the Japanese mayo, it added a delightful, savoury layer to the crisp bacon and greens underneath.

Do not even attempt to pick ’em off one by one people, just grab a forkful of everything and enjoy the burst of flavours and textures. I was starving when that plate first made its way to my table, but was absolutely stuffed by the time I was finally finished. My only complaint is that the sourdough bread underneath got soggy after awhile.

All in all, Kith Cafe is worth a visit if you’re looking for a brief respite from the perpetual crowds at Plaza Singapura and the like, though the service during the Sunday rush hour left a little to be desired. Don’t forget to ask for WiFi. 😉

Address: 9 Penang Road 01-01E
Opening Hours:
Tuesday to Sunday: 8am – 10pm
Closed on Monday
Contact: 6338 8611

Website/ Facebook:
Menu: Ala Carte/ Happy Hour

GST and Service Charge: Yes
Nets: No
WiFi: Yes – ask the staff for the password


Alight from Dhoby Ghaut MRT and come out through Exit C. Turn left and you will see this junction.

Cross the road to Park Mall.

Turn left, walk to the end and voila! Welcome to Kith Cafe. 😀


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