Chock Full Of Beans @ Changi Village

If you’ve found your Instagram feed flooded with pictures of eye-catching 2D and 3D latte art, you’ve Chock Full of Beans partly to thank for it. Opened a couple of years back, the cafe has recently gained a following for its adorable, edible artistry.

Tucked away in a corner of Changi Village, CFOB presents itself as a rustic haven away from the hustle and bustle of the city on the east side of Singapore. It is a relatively small cafe, with most diners seated in a shady alfresco area littered with wooden furniture and a long high table for larger groups – or if you, like me, like to perch somewhere high up while doing a little reading and writing over a cuppa. 😉

With much of the hype centred around its latte art, I’ll skip that and tell you about Chock Full of Beans’ other beverage selections – which are equally enticing and picture-worthy! 😛

If Chock Full of Beans wasn’t so well known for its latte art, I’m pretty sure the Iced Rose Latte would take center stage for its visual appeal – distinct layers of rose syrup, coffee and whipped cream, topped with a smattering of rose petals for an artisanal finish. Served in a tall glass, it’s a generous thirst quencher. I was expecting a distinct rose petal taste similar to bandung, but the scent of rose and coffee was well blended together for a subtle yet well-bodied taste. 😀

Among Chock Full of Bean’s non-caffeine brews are its soft drinks, chocolate-based concoctions and my favourite of them all – smoothies! This Mango Smoothie here is a great tropical concoction with the right amount of thickness – perfect for sipping on if you’re looking to beat the heat. You can choose to have your smoothie with or without whipped cream.

Food-wise, Chock Full of Beans’ offerings are pretty standard, with the usual suspects like soups, sandwiches and such for your brunch cravings. Chock Full of Scrambled is one of the mid-range offerings for brunch, as it comes served with scrambled eggs, homemade toast and baked beans. Eggs and toast are passable, though nothing out of the ordinary.

Dinner-time brings a different menu, with pizzas and pastas being the order of the night. Vegetarian options include the Spaghetti with Wild Mushrooms which I had on my first visit – again, nothing to shout about; mushrooms and cream sauce tasted fresh enough, with the pasta portion just nice for me.

If you’re in the area and in need of a thirst quencher or a place to catch up, do drop by Chock Full of Beans. It’s worth a visit, even though it is “all the way out there” in Changi. Good news if you’re looking to escape for the entire afternoon – it has free WiFi too! 😉

Address: 4 Changi Village Road, 01-2090
Opening Hours: 
Tuesday to Friday: 11am – 10pm
Saturday and Sunday: 9am – 10pm
Contact: 62148839

Website/ Facebook:
Lunch: Weekday Page 1/ Weekday Page 2 / Weekend
Dinner: Page 1
Drinks: Page 1
source: Yumiko Tan)

GST: Yes
Nets: No
WiFi: Yes – ask the staff for the password


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