Estation Cafe @ Ang Mo Kio – Western and Asian Cafe Fare in the Heartlands; $15.90 Lunch Sets Available (Invite)

Heartland cafes like EStation Cafe in Ang Mo Kio don’t get enough credit. Homely and inviting, places like these combine the convenience of heading down for a bite, with quality food at reasonable prices.


Opened two months ago, EStation’s name has rather cute origins. Inspired by the bevy of food stalls located at train stations in Taiwan, the cafe’s owner named it as such, with the hopes of offering different cuisines in one place, much like taking diners on a journey through the different “train stations” of food.



Does anyone here remember the colour changing drinks fad that swept Singapore’s F&B scene not too long ago? Among EStation’s extensive selection of drinks are Special ($6.90) butterfly pea based concoctions, such as the Yakult based Smooth Eclipse and the milky Captain America. Both are exceptionally refreshing and photo worthy.


Asian influences are a common theme in EStation’s menu, as you’ll see with their mains. The Cafe Otak with Butterfly Pea Pearl Rice ($11.90) certainly captures attention, with the mound of blue hued rice taking center stage on the plate. The real star of this main, though, is the generously thick slab of otak that is packed with delicious chunks of fish. I did feel the dish could use more oomph overall in the taste department, other than the visually arresting arrangement of colours.


Kicking it up a notch is the Chilli Crab Crayfish Spaghetti ($17.90). As one of the highest priced items on the menu, this dish pulls no punches when it comes to its spiciness. The crayfish is pretty fresh, and so is the crab meat that is hidden among the sauce. Personally, this dish is way too spicy for me, though it would be a great idea for EStation to introduce different levels of spice for diners of different thresholds to enjoy. Be prepared to down lots of ice water if you take this on!

Heartier mains include Teriyaki Chicken Steak and Fish & Chips ($12.90), both served on an attractive black grill pan for that rustic touch. The Teriyaki Chicken Steak yields a slightly sweet aftertaste from the teryaki sauce, while the meat itself is flavourful and succulent.


The Fish & Chips, which features a huge cut of Dory fillet, is my favourite dish from the menu. Lightly battered and fried out on the outside, and steaming hot and flaky on the inside. It’s hard to find places that nail both parts of the fried Dory fillet, and EStation is one of them!


Though unassuming in appearance, the Classic Mushrooms & Cheese Sticks ($5.90) is a comforting starter that certainly stands out in taste. Made in-house, the mushroom soup is a labour of love that takes no less than eight hours to prepare – which explains the rich, yet consistently smooth texture that greeted my tastebuds.


To end your meal on a sweet note, indulge in EStation’s Half and Half ($12.90 with single scoop ice cream, $14.90 with double scoop ice cream), which consists of half a red velvet waffle and half an original waffle with your choice of ice cream and strawberries. The red velvet waffle contains chocolate chips for that extra rich taste. While I’m not crazy about waffles, I did find myself tucking eagerly into this tastefully arranged dessert.



With well done dishes and reasonable prices, EStation is certainly an undiscovered gem in the west side of Singapore. Unpretentious and sincere, this two month old spot is worth a visit if you are looking for good food with a side of atmosphere.


Thanks for having us for brunch!

Address: 505 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8 01-2684
Google Maps
Nearest MRT: Ang Mo Kio 
Opening Hours:
Tuesday to Sunday: 11am – 9pm
Closed on Monday  
+65 64529741

Food: Soups and Snacks, Kids’ Meals and Green Salads, Brunch, Mains (1/2), Waffles and Desserts
Drinks: CoffeeSpecial Drinks and SodaTeaRed Wine and Beer
Sets: Lunch Sets and Student Meals

Wifi: Yes
Extra charges: No


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