Strangers’ Reunion 2019 All-Day Brunch Menu @ Kampong Bahru, Outram Park – Upcycling Ingredients into Refined Dishes (Media)

Waste not, want not. That is the adage my mother brought us up on when it came to mealtimes. I’ve been trying to make more conscious efforts to consume responsibly and live sustainably. And I’m not alone in my efforts – Strangers’ Reunion‘s new all-day brunch menu is all about creating modern, wholesome, and refined creations with quality and upcycled ingredients.


As one of the stalwarts of Singapore’s cafe scene, Stranger Reunion has not changed one bit since setting up shop in Kampong Bahru, Outram Park. The cafe is now setting out to present a more conscious and refined menu, by upcycling cutoff ingredients that are normally discarded from other components of their visually arresting brunch dishes.


Upcycled does not mean shoddy, though, as the following items prove.

Featuring crisp, deep-fried salmon skin taken from salmon cutoffs and trimmings from the cafe’s homemade coffee smoked salmon, the Salmon Skin Chips ($11.90++) is a wonderfully plated appetiser garnished with goma (sesame) aioli, avocado couli, and coffee-smoked salmon purée. The salmon purée adds a rich, savoury touch to the fried salmon skins, while the avocado couli tastes refreshing, bringing to mind an atas rendition of our favourite fried fish skin snacks!


The Pork and Broccoli ($21.90++) is another fantastic example of how you can do so much with “ugly” ingredients. Made entirely from upcycled ingredients like broccoli stems and sous vide pork collar ends, this innovative dish is surprisingly easy on the eyes and well seasoned! The shoyu glaze adds a sweet note to the pork, along with the broccoli purée and burnt onion jus. While I did feel the pork could have been a little more tender and less chewy, the clever arrangement of these upcycled elements will leave you none the wiser to its origins.


The Strangers Coffee Smoked Salmon on Toast ($18.90++) looks like a brunch classic, but with an unexpected twist. Here, house-cured salmon is cold-smoked with spent coffee grounds and hickory wood that blends savoury and smoky notes together. Tucking into the aromatic coffee-smoked salmon, I was surprised and thrilled to find the toasted sourdough bread slathered with infused creme fraiche. What a sustainable way to fuel customers’ coffee cravings while whipping up delicious brunches indeed! With its emphasis on simple yet bold flavours, this is definitely my favourite of the lot.


Another addition worth mentioning is the Pan Roasted Chicken Breast ($21.90++), which will completely knock your socks off. Resting atop a succotash of sweet corn, red peppers, and baked sweet potatoes, this cut of meat is incredibly tender and succulent, with the zesty charred lime permeating a good portion of it for that extra flavour. Considering breast meat is notorious for being the most dry part of the chicken, Strangers’ Reunion did really well with this one.


Great for sharing are the Roasted Cauliflower Salad ($14.50++) and Snapper Ceviche ($13.90++).



Not to be missed are the Buttermilk Waffles with Hazelnut Praline & Almond Crumble ($14.50++) – crisp on the outside, fluffy on the inside. Indulge in one for breakfast, or share this with friends for a sweet, sweet end to your meal at Strangers’ Reunion! The waffle and ice cream combination is not overly sweet, and a welcome addition to the waffles that have made Strangers’ Reunion stand out from day one.


Strangers’ Reunion nailed it again with their new brunch dishes for 2019; can’t wait to see what they come up with next. Thanks for hosting us to this pleasant spread!


Address: 35 Kampong Bahru Road 
Google Maps
Nearest MRT: Outram Park
Opening Hours:
9am – 6pm daily
+65 6222 4869

Website/ Facebook/ Instagram

Extra charges: Yes


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