Gather @ Raffles Hotel, City Hall – Kinfolk-esque French Crepe Cafe by the Team Behind PUNCH, Ronin, and The Plain

With the new decade, comes change. As we bade a quiet goodbye to hipster hideout Ronin in January, Raffles Hotel welcomed some a quaint new addition by the same team behind PUNCH and the defunct The Plain.

Simply named Gather, this old-school cafe cum retail space specialises in French-style crepes and galettes, along with a handful of baked goods and coffees.


The pleasant aroma of food being prepared permeates the atmosphere as soon as you step in, whetting your appetite as you wait your turn in the queue. Now into its first week of operations, Gather appears to be a hit with the crowd, with diners turning up well into late afternoon on a Sunday.


While there are plenty of tables – with a communal, circular table with a marbled top in the corner – we did notice the space was notably echoey. In fact, the combined volume of all the cafe-goers chatting at once overpowered the jazzy tracks that the cafe was playing in the background.

If you’re looking for a quiet afternoon to chit chat with your friends, perhaps that conversation might need to be saved for after your meal. On the flip side, customers leave fairly quickly, which means you do get a table faster!


Gather’s menu is divided into savoury galettes and sweet crepes. Sandwiches are also available, though they are limited to two choices. Hey – you’re at a creperie after all!

While the Off the Bone has been highly recommended on social media, the Salami & Potatoes Galette ($18++) will also highly appeal to lovers of savoury dishes (like yours truly!). Think a cozy campsite breakfast folded into a paper-thin, edible envelope. The crumbly cubes of roasted russet and red pontiac potatoes meld perfectly with the runny egg yolk, while the thick slices of salami add an intense umami punch.


Sweet meets savoury (and pungent) in the Figs & Camembert Crepe ($16++). This classic combination of sticky, chewy camembert with sweet notes of fig jam and honey hits your tastebuds from the first bite. The intensely rich flavours are thoroughly satisfying, yet do not overwhelm the senses. Between the two items we tried, this was the definite winner.


While Gather’s offerings are well executed, portions are on the small side. So don’t go in too hungry or you’ll be craving another in no time. That said, this looks to be quite the contender for our local galette and crepes options!

Address: Raffles Hotel Arcade 01-12
Google Maps (opposite Brotzeit Raffles City)
Nearest MRT: City Hall  EW13/NS25 
Opening Hours:
Tuesday to Saturday: 8am – 10pm
Sunday and Monday: 8am – 6pm

Website/ Instagram
Menu: Mains and Desserts, Drinks



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