WAWA Seafood @ Stars of Kovan, Kovan – Street Food Featuring Live, Fresh Lala From a Tank (Media)

After making their mark on the hipster food festival scene with their fresh lala and made-to-order seafood dishes, WAWA Seafood has finally settled on a permanent outpost at Stars of Kovan in the north-east of Singapore. Occupying a compact unit below the condominium of the same name, the team strive to churn out mouthwatering, value-for-money dishes with the same freshness and taste.



Just like their previous setups, WAWA Seafood has tanks of live clams surrounding the seating area, where you can sample made-to-order dishes alongside the… ingredients for someone’s future meal. Clams are shipped live from Malaysia.

It’s also safe to say that the dining space is permeated with the faint smell of live seafood lingering in the air. Shellfish fans, you’re in your element here.


Live clams are scooped from the tank for every order, so you are guaranteed maximum freshness (every scoop is checked for dead clams). What you get is incredibly fresh, sweet seafood that is tender and flavourful, a delight to pluck from the shells.

I do hope diners get the chance to scoop up their own lala one day, just like the fishing restaurant in Tokyo! It’ll certainly add an interactive element to dining at WAWA Seafood.




There are two styles of lala available at WAWA Seafood – soup and homemade garlic butter sauce. The soup-style emphasises the freshness of the lala, while the homemade garlic butter sauce adds richness and flavour to the seafood.

Traditionalists can savour fresh, soup-style lala in the Signature Fresh Lala Soup ($5.90 for medium, $7.90 for large), a signature item hailing from WAWA Seafood’s food fair days. The tang hoon compliments the briny lala and makes for a wholesome, light meal.


The Fresh Lala Soup with Bee Tai Mak ($5.90 for medium, $7.90 for large) pairs delicious soup-style lala with thicker noodles.


A new addition to WAWA Seafood’s permanent menu is the Fresh Lala Tasty Porridge ($4.90 for medium, $6.90 for large). The subtlety of the porridge allows the flavours of the lala to come to the fore without overpowering the star ingredient.


Japanese food aficionados will delight in the Fresh Lala Chawanmushi ($3.90), which is stuffed generously with plump, juicy lala at the bottom. Available daily in limited quantities.

For something rich, go for the homemade garlic butter-style lala. The Signature Fresh Lala Pasta ($9.90) is the priciest item on the menu, but it is also served with fresh, al dente pasta drenched in the same sauce! A true treat for Western-leaning palates.



For something less carb-heavy, the Fresh Lala in Homemade Garlic Butter Sauce ($5.90) makes for a good side dish or snack.



With opening hours extending till midnight, residents of Stars of Kovan and other neighbouring districts need not look far to get their seafood fix. Enjoy a taste of fresh lala at WAWA Seafood!

Address: Stars of Kovan 01-25
Google Maps
Nearest MRT: Kovan NE13 
Opening Hours:
Tuesday to Friday: 4pm – 12mn
Saturday: 12pm – 12mn
Sunday: 12pm – 9pm
Closed on Monday
Contact: wawaseafood@hotmail.com



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