Real Thai @ Changi City Point, Changi Business Park – Authentic Thai Food with Customised Sets Available (Media)

With its retail arm stretching across 35 countries, and two bustling eateries in Singapore, Real Thai has added a new F&B outpost under its belt. Tucked away in the basement of Changi City Point, Real Thai presents authentic Thai cuisine that will have you declaring, “Aroi mak mak!” as soon as you take a bite.




With a dining space fitted with modern decor and spacious seating, Real Thai’s menu boasts a variety of classic fixtures in Thai cuisine, from appetite whetting starters, to wholesome main dishes of rice and noodles. Diners can even build their own customised sets, with each element of their meal done to their liking.

For starters work up an appetite with some fiery side dishes, made with authentic recipes. Hot picks include the Thai Curry Fishball ($5 for 2 sticks) and Chicken in Pandan ($6.80 for 4 pieces), which are snapped up pretty quickly.


My vote goes to the Mini Thai Otah ($5.20 for 3 pieces), which melts in your mouth with a generous dash of liquorice that adds a citrusy kick.


Real Thai’s signature dishes include Pad Thai, Khao Soi, and Stir Fried Basil Pork/Chicken with Rice.

The Pad Thai ($9.90 with chicken, $11.90 with shrimp) quickly earned our stamp of approval, with its luscious, thick noodles and succulent shrimp. Besides the typical ground peanut and chilli powder, Real Thai’s Pad Thai is also served with a sprinkling of sugar for added sweetness. As they say, eat as the Thais do!


Another signature, the Khao Soi ($10.50 with chicken, $11.50 with beef), was one of the favourites as our table. Boasting a flavour profile similar to laksa, this comforting dish comes complete with a tender chicken drumstick that falls off the bone. Interestingly, while the bulk of the noodles absorbs the full-boded curry at the bottom, it stays thin and crisp at the top, yielding a blend of flavours and textures.


Vibrant in colour, the Stir Fried Basil with Rice ($9.80 with chicken, $10.50 with beef, $10.80 with seafood) unfortunately fell short of expectations. While we expected quite the kick from the holy basil, the chicken was rather milld, bland almost, as if the components were fried separately. That said, Real Thai tries to balance between serving up the real fiery deal, and accommodating to milder, local palates. Hopefully Real Thai introduces a heat scale that allows diners to enjoy this staple dish to their liking!


Other noteworthy dishes from Real Thai’s main menu include the Tom Yum Fried Rice ($10.90 with chicken or prawn, $11.20 with seafood). This hearty dish will satisfy you pretty quickly.


While packed with mouthwatering morsels of prawns, squid, and mushrooms, the Creamy Tom Yum Shrimp Soup ($10.80) yields a thickness closer to clear soup.

For dessert, you can’t go wrong with the Mango Sticky Rice ($7). Fresh, plump, and sweet, the mango is a winner for me.


Other refreshing options include Red Ruby ($4.50), Longan Sago with Mango ($4.50), and Thai Dumpling ($4.50).


For sweets with a modern twist, look no further than Real Thai’s Thai Ice Milk Soft Serve ($2.80 for cup and cone)! Interestingly, the soft serve yields a distinct, smoky aftertaste. Hopefully Real Thai releases a new version with the coconut.



While on the pricier side, Real Thai blends modernity and comfort, with wholesome and authentic meals. Urbanites in the Changi Business Park vicinity can now fulfil cravings for Thai food!

Address: Changi City Point B1-26
Google Maps
Nearest MRT: Expo CG1/ DT35 
Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday: 11am – 10pm
Saturday and Sunday: 11.30am – 10pm 
Contact: +65 6694 7868



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