1-for-1 Chatterbox and Shisen Hanten Bento @ Mandarin Orchard Singapore, Somerset – Exclusive for DBS/POSB Card Members

If you’ve always wanted to check out Chatterbox and Shisen Hanten at Mandarin Orchard but kept putting it off for one reason or another, now’s your chance! The two renowned restaurants are offering 1-for-1 Signature Bentos for takeaway delivery, exclusively for DBS and POSB card members. 


At $34 for a set of two Signature Bentos, you can now enjoy the best Mandarin Orchard has to offer without breaking the bank. And best of all, delivery is free for orders totalling $80 and above! 

Having never stepped into Chatterbox before, I was pretty excited to try the Chatterbox Signature Bento ($34 for 2 Bentos). A well-packed bento of the most enticing aromas greet you as soon as you lift up its covering. Consisting of mouthwatering treats ranging from Mandarin Chicken Rice to even Kolo Mee, one can consider this a treat for the locale palate.

Chatterbox Signature Bento ($34 for 2)

Chatterbox Signature Bento ($34 for 2 Bentos)

It’s not hard to see why Chatterbox has earned its accolade for one of the best renditions of Hainanese chicken rice in Singapore. A sizeable sampling of the Mandarin Chicken Rice yields comforting flavours and toothsome ingredients. The rice is fragrant and fluffy, while the steamed chicken yields tender, succulent meat that is subtle in flavour. Enhance the flavours to your liking with three choices of sauce – chilli, ginger, and soy sauce!


Mandarin Chicken Rice


The Kolo Mee is delightfully al dente, with a luxurious addition that raises the indulgence level of this otherwise simple dish – a whole abalone that is plump and juicy. Definitely not your average bowl of noodles.

Chatterbox Kolo Mee

Chatterbox Kolo Mee

Enjoy a sampling of Chef Kentaro’s Two Michelin Starred Szechuan cuisine with the Shisen Hanten Signature Bento ($34 for 2 Bentos). Of course, the “Chen’s Mapo Tofu” 陈麻婆豆腐 needs no introduction. The stir-fried tofu with its famed, fiery hot Szechuan pepper-flavoured meat sauce pairs very well with the steamed Hokkaido rice, leaving a numbing sensation that’s not too overpowering on the tastebuds.


Shisen Hanten Signature Bento ($34 for 2 Bentos)

Adding to this box of treats is the Sautéed Seasonal Vegetable with Duo Mushrooms and Truffle, whose distinct aroma make a very strong “entrance”.

Shisen-Hanten-Sautéed seasonal vegetable with duo mushrooms and truffle

Sautéed Seasonal Vegetable with Duo Mushrooms and Truffle

Last but not least, a couple of handmade Steamed Chinese Dumpling “Siew Mai” which won me over with its attention to detail. Wish all my dimsum meals could be like this!

Shisen-Hanten-Steamed Chinese dumpling “Siew Mai” 蟹子蒸烧卖

Steamed Chinese Dumpling “Siew Mai”

Rounding up our order (and helping us avoid that hefty $20 delivery fee)  is the Wok-Fried Chicken with Cashew Nut and Red Pepper ($16) from Shisen Hanten. Much like its tofu counterpart, the chicken yields that all-too familiar numbness on the tastebuds, while the red pepper adds a fiery touch to the tender meat.

Shisen-Hanten-Wok-fried Chicken with Cashew Nut and Red Pepper

Wok-Fried Chicken with Cashew Nut and Red Pepper 宮保鸡丁 ($16)

While the luxurious, fine-dining experience is something we do sorely miss, that doesn’t mean we should miss out entirely on treating ourselves to good food! If you’re feeling indulgent, or have an upcoming celebration for your house, don’t miss Mandarin Orchard’s deal!

Information for Takeaway and Delivery 
Mandarin Gallery, Level 5  
Google Maps
Nearest MRT: Somerset NS23
Contact: +65 6831 6291/ +65 6291 6288

Menu for Takeaway and Delivery 


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