Kiyoshi Japanese Restaurant @ Amoy Street, Tanjong Pagar – Inaniwa Udon Specialist; Complimentary Side Dish with Min. Spend of $10 (Media)

Udon want to miss this new addition to Amoy Street – geddit geddit? Kiyoshi Japanese Restaurant opened its doors shortly before the commencement of the circuit breaker period in Singapore, and is now ready to welcome dine-in customers who are seeking refreshing Japanese cuisine amidst a busy day.


Furnished simply with typical Japanese decor, as well as an impressive wall of sake barrels, Kiyoshi Japanese Restaurant specialises in inaniwa udon, one of the three greatest brands of udon hailing from Akita prefecture in Japan.



In contrast to the plump strands most of us are used to, inaniwa udon is a lot thinner and chewier. If you’re looking for an introduction to this yummy noodle, Kiyoshi Japanese Restaurant is a good place to start.

The Aburi Salmon Salad Udon ($18.80) boasts cool, refreshing flavours that are just the thing for the coming summer months. The cold, thin noodles are a delight to slurp up, with the fresh vegetables and lightly torched salmon adding robust flavours to this zesty broth.


Aburi Salmon Salad Udon ($18.80)

The Tempura Oroshi Udon ($18.80) packs crunchy textures with the same refreshing broth. Kind of reminds me of yuzu. Enjoy the crunch of the tempura prawn with the slippery udon!


Tempura Oroshi Udon ($18.80)

My favourite is the Tem Chirashi Udon ($16.80), which serves up delicious avocado, cherry tomatoes, enoki mushrooms, capsicum, scallops done tempura style stop a bed of refreshing inaniwa udon. Love how the assorted tempura retained their characteristic flavours, without verging on overly oily!


Tem Chirashi Udon ($16.80)

Adventurous diners can test their threshold for spice with the Gekikra Ramen ($18.80), which stands out as one of the more…. unconventional dishes on the menu. The spicy bean paste soup yields flavours that are reminiscent of Thai influences, with sweet and spicy notes making for a fiery combination on the tastebuds.


Gekikara Ramen ($18.80)

Noodle lovers can get their usual fix of udon and soba. The Seafood Nabeyuki Udon ($21.80) is perfect for warming bellies on rainy days, as diners can find a treasure trove of assorted seafood that ranges from clams to scallops and prawns. The udon is cooked perfectly too.


Seafood Nabeyuki Udon ($21.80)

And if you’re looking to escape the heat, the Tempura with Cha Soba ($19.80) provides some mouthwatering respite.


Tempura with Cha Soba ($19.80)


Other offerings on Kiyoshi’s menu include Yakitori ($2 – $4) and Softshell Crab Maki ($13.80), two popular fixtures in Japanese restaurants. The Bara Chirashi Don ($18.80) holds its own as a substantial main with fresh cuts of seafood.


Yakitori ($2 – $4)


Soft Shell Crab Maki ($13.80)


Bara Chirashi Don ($18.80)

Spend a minimum of $10 and receive a complimentary dish, or hit $100 and be bestowed with an exclusive Kiyoshi membership. And for those of you who are still wary of heading out, Kiyoshi is extending islandwide delivery at $11 per location with a minimum $30 order – and free delivery for orders above $100!

Address: 75 Amoy Street  
Google Maps
Nearest MRT: Tanjong Pagar EW15/ Telok Ayer DT18
Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday: 11am – 3pm (lunch), 5pm – 10pm (dinner)
Saturday: 5pm – 10pm
Closed on Sunday
Contact:+65 6223 0995

Menu for Delivery 


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