PHUTURE® Foods x The 1925 Brewing Co. @ Joo Chiat – DIY Vegan Minced Meat Dumpling Kit Delivered To Your Doorstep (Media)

You know you’ve grown up, when you’ve gone from colouring by numbers to cooking by numbers. Hot on its successful entry into The 1925 Brewing Co.‘s menu – so much so that Chef Ivan Yeo completely phased out traditional pork dumplings in favour of its vegan substitute, PHUTURE® Foods has released its new Vegan Dumplings Cooking Kit ($14) and Vegan Dumpling Filling ($12.50) for you to re-create this mouthwatering recipe at home!


A Malaysian startup, PHUTURE® Foods believes that the future is changing, and so does the way we eat. With an R&D team led by a certified food scientist from the United States with over 45 years’ experience in food science and technology, PHUTURE® Foods has developed over 100 plant-based meat products that are sold globally.

Vegan foodies, as well as those seeking sustainable alternatives, will find a blend of high-quality protein sources that include NON-GMO soy, chickpea, pea protein, and rice protein. The PHUTURE® Foods mince also contains 80% less total fat, 70% less saturated fat, and 50% less calories, making it not only a lip-smacking good choice, but a healthier one compared to traditional ground meat!


Each cooking kit delivered to your doorstep is good for consumption on the day of delivery, and should be stored in the freezer if you’re not intending to cook it immediately. As this is a collaboration with 1925 Brewery Co., it also contains at least six different sauces, oils, and toppings to complete the dish.


Vegan Dumplings Cooking Kit ($14)

At $14 for six ready-made dumplings, it really is a steal. The pre-portioned sauces are also clearly labelled with a step-by-step guide, so even the most green of home cooks can’t go wrong with this simple, classic dish.


Vegan Dumplings made with PHUTURE® Vegan Minced Meat


Sauces and Toppings – Shallot Oil, Chilli Coil, Shoyu, Coriander Oil, Chopped Leeks, and Chilli Padi

To prepare the dumplings:

  1. Boil a small pot of water and reduce to medium heat to a gentle boil.
  2. Add the dumplings and remove after 3 minutes, or when the dumplings float. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about undercooking them!
  3. Add the vegetable stock emulsion to a small pot. Bring it to a gentle boil and constantly stir.
  4. Pour the emulsion over the dumplings.
  5. Drizzle the remaining ingredients over the dumplings in this order: shallot oil, chilli oil, shoyu, and coriander oil.
  6. Top with chilli padi and chopped leeks.


While I was already aware that these were plant-based meat dumplings, I was truly blown away by how close to the real deal the end product turned out to be. Paired with 1925 Brewing Co.’s recipe, PHUTURE® Foods’ vegan minced meat dumplings are THE BOMB – chunky and dense with a satisfying mouthfeel. I almost forgot I wasn’t having real pork for a second; it’s no wonder these vegan-friendly babies replaced the real deal in 1925’s menu.


The mix of shallot and coriander oils add a slick, velvety finish to the dumpling skin, while the dash of chilli is surprisingly potent. My only grouse is the skin breaks rather easily, so do be careful when you’re cooking the dumplings.


If this is the future of plant-based eating, sign me right up. I’m all for sustainable living that doesn’t sacrifice the comfort and flavours we’ve grown up with, and PHUTURE® Foods has certainly nailed it with 1925 Brewing Co.!

1925 Brewing Co.
261 Joo Chiat Road
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Nearest MRT: Eunos EW7  
Opening Hours:
Tuesday to Sunday: 12pm – 10.30pm
Closed on Monday
Contact: +65 6909 1425

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