Dashi Master Marusaya 7th Anniversary – Enjoy a New, Improved Dashi Shabu Broth and 7 Delectable Condiments (Media)

With the intense squeeze faced by the F&B scene these days, seeing your favourite establishment mark another year in operations can be cause for celebration. For its 7th anniversary, Dashi Master Marusaya has a couple of tricks up its sleeve to up the ante for its shabu experience! 


There’s no better way to celebrate the upcoming relaxation on 5-pax dining than by heading out for a meal together! From 22 to 30 November 2021, enjoy A5 Wagyu Melting Part at $77+ (usual price $98++), with alcoholic drinks at $7 per glass including half draft Kirin Beer, Highball, red and white wine, and Japanese syochu


Dashi Shabu ala carte with A5 Wagyu Melting Part ($98++)

As always, the signature dashi shabu broth is prepared meticulously to bring out the full flavours of the ingredients, with the dashi taking center stage. This time, enjoy enhanced flavours with the addition of freshly shaved katsuobushi (dried bonito flakes) which add sweetness and depth to the broth. 

Up to 7 enticing condiments are also available for you to dip your shabu shabu ingredients, including ponzu vinegar, leek sesame oil, and yuzu rice malt. I’d recommend choosing one savoury and one sweeter dipping sauce, so you can compare both flavours when dipping your meat! 


Dashi Shabu Dipping Sauces – Ponzu Vinegar, Sesame, Sour Plum, Leek Sesame Oil, Sukiyaki and Yuzu Rice Malt

The A5 Wagyu Melting Part ($98++) is truly the best of the best, as it melts in your mouth with a sublime umaminess. Don’t forget to level up your shabu shabu with other mouthwatering ingredients from Dashi Master Marusaya’s kitchen, including: 

  • Assorted Vegetables ($12++)
  • Lettuce ($4++)
  • Black Fungi ($5++) 
  • Arrowroot Starch Noodles ($5++) 
  • Deep-Fried Beancurd with Rice Cake ($9++) 
  • Chikuwa ($5++)
  • Hanpen ($5++)
  • Deep-Fried Beancurd with Ingredients ($5++) 

Post-meal, you can savour the robust flavours absorbed from all those ingredients with your choice of porridge or udon. After trying both, I’d say the porridge is still the best, as you can better taste the broth with each bite! 


For dessert, enjoy a Sweet Potato Cake and Sweet Potato Ice Cream ($10++), very apt for the current autumn season in Japan. 


Sweet Potato Cake and Sweet Potato Ice Cream ($10++)


I’m happy to report that Dashi Master Marusaya has maintained its standards in its seventh year. Grab your 5-pax parties and book your next shabu shabu meal here! 

Address: 86 Robertson Quay 01-01
Google Maps
Nearest MRT: Fort Canning DT20  
Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday: 5pm – 11.30pm (last order 11pm)
Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays: 12pm – 11.30pm (last order 11pm)
Contact: +65 6732 0383/ info@marusaya.sg



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