The Durian Bakery – Rich Durian Desserts and Pastries Made with Signature SilkyGold™ Puree (Media)

One of my favourite ways to enjoy durians is in the form of desserts, with their rich, creamy flesh pressed into pastries of all shapes and sizes. And when it comes to the King of Fruits, there is certainly no shortage of patisseries and dessert shops churning out the goods. 

The Durian Bakery is one such shop that is making a name with its signature SilkyGold™  Durian Puree, made with MSW and D24 durians to achieve a smooth and perfectly balanced blend for their desserts.  


Durian lovers will be spoilt for choice by the wide variety of Cakes and Patisseries on The Durian Bakery’s online storefront. They also offer a Signature Durian Dessert Box ($79) which combines three of their most popular desserts: Dark Choco Musang King Mousse, Super Burst MSW Giant Puff, and D24 Snowy Mochi. 

The Dark Choco Musang King Mousse ($20) is a chocolate-forward treat that packs fresh Musang King durian puree in a dark chocolate mousse shell. The distinct richness of the durian puree is enhanced by the chocolate mousse’s savoury notes, topped with extra crunch from the hazelnut palette feuilletine base. The generous amount of durian puree is a pleasant surprise! 


Dark Choco Musang King Mousse ($20)

Perfect for sharing is the aptly-named Super Burst MSW Giant Puffs ($58.90 for 8 pieces). These gorgeous choux puff pastries are filled to the brim with luscious and decadent pure MSW flesh, guaranteeing pure, silky durian with every bite. If you’re looking for a no-fuss, no-frills dessert that’s all about the flavour, you can’t go wrong with these solid pastries. Be warned – biting into one of these is a messy affair – but delicious nonetheless! 


Super Burst MSW Giant Puff ($44.80)

Asian-leaning palates will be drawn to the Snowy D24 Durian Mochi ($15 for 6 pieces). Fun fact: The Durian Bakery’s mochi was inspired by dessert craftsmen in Hokkaido, and the team tasted over 1,000 types of mochi in Japan before creating their own recipe. If that’s dedication, I don’t know what is.

The mochi yields thick, buttery durian flesh that’s just the right amount of sweet and bitter. It’s tempting to not want to pop all of them in your mouth once you’ve tasted one. Check out the Black Gold Musang King Durian Mochi ($25 for 6 pieces) if you’re looking to indulge. 


Snowy D24 Durian Mochi ($15)

Celebrating a birthday or special occasion for that ardent durian lover in your life? The Durian Bakery has no shortage of durian-themed cakes, from the currently trending burnt basque cheesecake to its signature mille crepe cake.

The Black Forest Dark Cherry with Mao Shan Wang Core 6 ($98) boasts six inches of dark chocolate charcoal buttercream and moist cherry chocolate chiffon sponge, complete with 100% pure MSW durian core. As someone with a childhood love for black forest cakes, this combination is a dream come true. Try not to drool when you’re contemplating them layers of chiffon, chocolate, and durian. 


Black Forest Dark Cherry with Mao Shan Wang Core 6 Inch ($98)


With 2 hours express delivery and event accessories like gold cake toppers and bouquets, The Durian Bakery is a one-stop-shop for all your durian dessert cravings. Some items are currently on sale with attractive offers and discounts, so don’t miss out!


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