Ceres Haus @ Circular Road, Raffles Place – Speakeasy-Style Cafe By Day and Wine Bar By Night

I have a soft spot for understated cafes like Dapper Coffee and the now-defunct RONIN, with their barebones decor and unpretentious offerings. So when Ceres Haus popped up on my radar, I knew I had to check it out. 


Situated on Circular Road above MISFITS, Ceres Haus offers no indication of its existence in this neighbourhood of eateries and seedy bars, save for a bottle and coffee cup labeled with its name. Looking back on it, the combination of said “decor” indicates Ceres Haus’ business as a cafe by day and wine bar by night. 


Stepping in, you are greeted by a distinct aroma of incense and a dimmed space. Almost as though Ceres Haus is setting itself up as a cocoon to shield its patrons from the heat and business of the world outside. With soothing music permeating the space, it’s easy to find yourself speaking in hushed tones to keep the peace. 

Put by another reviewer, it’s akin to stepping into someone’s art film. 

While most cafes strive to create separated spaces, Ceres Haus has opted for a more communal setup, with a single long wooden table accompanied by grey cushion-like seats that double up as low-rise tables. (I’m curious, though, as to how spillages are dealt with for these surfaces.) There’s even a communal bum rest for #windowseatplease folks. 


Like its setup, Ceres Haus’ menu is compact and simple, focusing on bread-centric plates, desserts made to order, and coffees. 

The Ham and Cheese Sandwich ($16) is one of the heartier mains on the menu, and the sourdough bread, which is supposedly baked by a friend of the owners, is one of the best I’ve had. Crusty on the outside and fluffy on the inside, the bread yields easily, and has that signature tang you’d expect from sourdough loaves. The ham and cheese melt into comforting layers, with the mustard mayo providing some much-needed punch in flavours. 


Ham and Cheese Sandwich ($16)

Interestingly, the Ham and Cheese Sandwich is also served with a side of tangy jam ots (possibly to counter the richness of the cheese) and whipped housemade butter. Rich and airy, I almost mistook it for sour cream. 

The other savoury items on the menu can be thought of as “build it yourself” dishes, with homemade components laid aesthetically on a plate.


Whipped Butter

I’m really glad I paid attention to reviewers who recommended the Madeleines ($6 for 3 pieces), because these baked-to-order darlings were the highlight of my visit. Dusted with icing powder, they are crisp with a firm bite on the inside, and fluffy and warm on the inside. Perfect as a snack, if you’re willing to wait out the 15-minute bake time! (Trust me, it’s worth it.)


Madeleines ($6 for 3 pieces)

With the hot weather returning, the Ginger Honey Lemonade ($5) is just the right thing to have. This refreshing concoction is perfect for non-coffee or dairy drinkers. 


Ginger Honey Lemonade ($5)

There is a certain serenity in Ceres Haus that many will come to cherish. This is a cafe that defines “do more with less”, as its selling point is in how unapologetically simple everything is. It seems to be growing in popularity, judging by the number of customers that strolled in during my visit, so do yourself a favour and check out Ceres Haus. 



Address: 18A Circular Road, Singapore 049374
Google Maps
Nearest MRT: Raffles Place EW14/NS26
Opening Hours:
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday: 10.30am – 5pm
Friday to Sunday: 10.30am – 10.30pm 
Closed on Tuesday



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