[CLOSED] Montana @ PoMo – Waffles, Soft Serve, and Brunch Items With An Asian Twist (Invite)

Update June 2020: Montana has closed.

Montana sure has come a long way from its humble beginnings some five years ago. From a humble waffle bar, tucked away in PoMo, this stalwart in Singapore’s waffle scene, has since grown into a two-storey hideout for brunch lovers in the heart of Selegie.

Looking at the recent additions to their menu, it’s not hard to see why Montana is what it is today!


Space is aplenty at Montana’s industrial themed premises, and service is rendered with a smile from the warm and friendly staff (look up #seetohverycute on Instagram!). With the second level reserved for the brunch crowd, dessert seekers can get their fix at the parlour on the ground floor.



Asian influences can be found all over Montana’s menu. The Kimchi Seafood Waffle ($15.80++), while deceptively simple in appearances, wowed us with generous chunks of prawn and squid embedded in the waffle batter, which itself was infused with kimchi powder to yield that deliciously sour aftertaste characteristic of Korean cuisine. Add a sprinkle of seaweed and house-made garlic mayo, and you have pretty much the Western rendition of your late night cup ramyeon!


Regulars at Montana may have noticed that the Assam Crab Waffle ($16.30++) has taken on a distinct yellow hue, thanks to the heavy use of assam in the waffle batter. The crab meat yields a briny taste that goes surprisingly well with the pineapple salsa hidden within the waffles crevices. A must try if you’re craving something refreshing and filling.


Montana flexes its creativity muscles with the Nasi Lemak Waffle ($15.50++), a delicious and non-gimmicky addition to the nasi lemak food fad that swept our nation not more than a year ago. While the addition of peanuts, ikan bilis, and cucumber slices added to the authenticity of the dish, it was the tumeric confit chicken that completely wowed us over.

One bite of the chicken skin, fried to crisp perfection, and the succulent meat within, and you’ll throw your calorie counter out the window; I GUARANTEE IT. Goes really well with the otah mousse, too! So glad Montana went with an otah flavoured dip over salted egg yolk, by the way.


While Montana’s claim to fame is in their waffles, it hasn’t stopped them from whipping up other Western staples. Take the Samyang Fire Carbonara ($16.80++) for example, named after the Korean instant noodles featured in the infamous fire noodle challenge.

With five levels of spice available, heat aficionados (or sadists) can try to take on Level 5, otherwise known as Wildfire a la Great Sept of Baelor (plus one for the Literature references, Montana).

Us? We relished every single forkful of our Level 3 Forest Fire – hot enough to tantalise the senses, but manageable with creamy mozzarella to neutralise it.


Expectations were high for dessert, as we had all heard about Montana’s famous stacked red velvet waffles. The Matcha Waffle ($14.30++), a visually stunning arrangement of waffle quarters, green tea ice cream, green tea marshmallow, kinako powder, and black miso caramel, has made its way back to the menu, and we certainly weren’t disappointed!


With the 478102403408340835th hot season in full swing, a Coconut Cold Brew ($6.80-780++) is definitely a good idea if you’re seated near the window, where the sunlight – and heat- spills in in full.


Fancy something decadent and sweet after your meal? Look no further than Montana’s Waffle Bar. At $11.80-14.50++, these egg waffle and soft serve combinations may not be the cheapest around, but they’re still great for sharing with a group of other sweet toothed diners.

The Durian Coconut ($14.50++) caught our eye as we were browsing the menu, and arrived at our table in a fanfare of pink hued coconut shavings. Each spoonful of soft serve yielded nothing but the rich, rich taste of mao shan wang fruit flesh – so fresh and tasty! We did feel the gula melaka macaron was a tad overpowered by durian, but hey, I don’t see how that’s a bad thing if you’re the ultimate durian lover!


Another visually arresting dessert on the menu, the Red Velvet Cheesecake, brings to mind Cookie Monster from Sesame Street, albeit as a pastel shaded swirl with an elaborate, red egglet in the background.


Pssst – here’s something that’s not on the menu… yet. Montana’s Galaxy Waffle (not inspired by the recent Avengers: Infinity Wars movie, though I wish it was), complete with Hokkaido milk soft serve, oreo cookie, marshmallow, and hand painted egg waffle, is yours to order if you show this post when ordering! Better get your cameras ready for this creation. (Update: Montana has taken this off the menu as they are working on perfecting the recipe; watch this space!)


Thanks for treating us to an awesome waffle spread, Montana! Will be back to check out your red velvet waffles soon.


Address: PoMo 02-05
Nearest MRT: Dhoby Ghaut and Bencoolen
Opening hours:
Monday to Friday: 11am  – 10pm
Saturday: 9am – 11am
Sunday: 9am – 9.30pm
Contact: +65 63343137

Facebook/ Instagram 

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Tea, Milkshake, and Juice

Extra charges: GST and 10% service charge


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