TEN Sushi & Bar by Marusaya @ The Quayside, Robertson Quay – Four Years Old Sushi Specialist Under the Radar (Media)

Once considered street food of humble origins, sushi  has evolved into an elegant facet of Japanese cuisine. Situated in the innermost side of The Quayside at Robertson Quay is TEN Sushi & Bar by Marusayaa Japanese eatery that has just passed its four year mark.


Staffed entirely by Japanese servers during our visit, TEN Sushi & Bar may have been operating under the radar, but enjoys popularity among Japanese diners. The space is pretty compact, and fills up quickly on Friday nights.


While TEN Sushi & Bar specialises in sushi, you can also sample other aspects of Japanese cuisine at this humble joint, from fresh sashimi to fried dishes. Begin your gastronomic foray into the Land of the Rising Sun with Japanese Fresh Oysters from Sakoshi Bay ($28++ for 6 pieces, $49++ for 12 pieces). Topped with ebiko and ikura, these oysters are intensely briny, with shots of umami from the roe.


While the ebiko adds some crunchiness to the oysters, the ikura slides down with the oyster flesh effortlessly. Highly recommended if you are an ardent oyster lover; otherwise it’s an acquired taste for those who are unacquainted with fishy flavours.


Such a promising (and visually impressive) start to the meal sets expectations high for TEN Sushi & Bar. Luckily, the Deluxe Ten Assorted Sashimi Deluxe ($58++) follows through with thick, generous cuts of mouthwatering sashimi. The maguro (bluefin tuna) is unbelievably fatty and melts in your mouth, and the hotate (scallops) yields a firm bite and sweet aftertaste. Plus points to the hamachi (yellowtail) and uni (sea urchin) too!

Sorry Aquaman, but I’m coming straight for your underwater kingdom.



True to its name, a meal at TEN Sushi & Bar is a celebration of its eponymous dish.

The Unagi Eel Roll ($18++ for 4 pieces, $32++ for 8 pieces) features buttery-soft unagi that is slightly sweet, thanks to a brush of teriyaki sauce.



The Aburi Salmon Avocado Roll ($20 for 8 pieces) is a visually stunning creation of fresh, creamy avocado layered with aburi salmon slices topped with mayo, onion, tobiko, and drizzled with teriyaki sauce. Eaten together, the flavours and textures combined are rich and savoury, with the teriyaki sauce cutting through it.



For a real show-stopper, order the A4 Wagyu Aburi Sushi ($18 for 2 pieces, $44 for 5 pieces) which is torched and brushed with teriyaki sauce right at your table. There’s no need for an introduction for this dish, as the wagyu melts perfectly in your mouth as its rich flavours spread across your tastebuds. A must order that is worth its high price tag.



Sample all that TEN Sushi & Bar has to offer with its Omakase Sushi ($49++ for 12 pieces, $98++ for 24 pieces). Served on a long, thin wooden board that evokes memories of the infamous Long Long Man advertisement, the selection of sushi changes daily depending on the range of available ingredients. Like the sashimi, every piece of sushi is thoughtfully selected and put together to bring out the best flavours of Japan.




There are also 12-piece and 24-piece boxes available on request. You know, for Instagram.



While the team does not proclaim to have the best sushi  in town, they can confidently say that a lot of heart goes into creating delicious creations with quality ingredients and value-for-money price points. With its casual setting and laid-back atmosphere, TEN Sushi & Bar looks to be one of Singapore’s frontrunners on this bite-sized delicacy!

Address: 60 Robertson Quay 01-09 
Google Maps
Nearest MRT: Fort Canning DT 20 (Take Bus 64 or 123)
Opening Hours:
5pm – 3am daily (Last order 2.15am) 
Contact: +65 6735 0383/ ten@marusaya.sg

Website/ FacebookInstagram


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