The Milky Way Homemade Icecream and Coffee @ Tanglin Halt Road, Commonwealth – Heartland Cafe Home to Aw’s Signature Minced Pork Noodles and Homemade Waffles (Media)

Tanglin Halt Road residents may remember Aw’s Signature Minced Pork Noodles during its days at Tanglin Road Hawker Centre. Today, the slurp-worthy noodles can be found a stone’s throw away from their former home, at The Milky Way Homemade Icecream and Coffee.


Tucked away amidst other mom and pop shops in this quiet neighbourhood, The Milk Way originally opened as a heartland cafe selling homemade waffles and ice cream. The menu has since expanded to include traditional hawker fare, as well as the owner’s personal collection of Avengers-themed merchandise. Look out for the row of Avengers plushies greeting you as you step in!



The Scissors Cut ($5.80) is a callback to traditional hawker culture. Tuck into this comforting dish of rice with curry chicken, lor bak, braised pigeon eggs, and minced meat.


Scissors Cut ($5.80)

The Fishmaw Beehoon ($2.80 for boat size, $5.80 for regular size) serves up a medley of stringy beehoon with crunchy fish maw, fried chicken balls, shredded chicken, pigeon eggs, and minced meat. Did I also mention there’s loads of crispy pork lard to be found amongst the noodles? At $5.80 per bowl, this is really value for money.


Fishmaw Beehoon ($2.80 for boat size, $5.80 for regular size)

The Mama Tomyum ($5.80) is a new addition to The Milky Way’s main menu. There is no such thing as stinging on the ingredients here, as the instant noodles are topped with the typical toppings you would expect – fresh, succulent prawns, abalone and pork slices, and shredded chicken, with a dash of chopped spring onions for colour. The noodles are delightfully springy as well!


Mama Tomyum ($5.80)

Don’t miss out on the old favourite, Signature Noodle ($5.80) which is available with yellow noodles or kway tiao. Both are served with a comforting soup of meatballs and prawns.


Signature Noodle – Yellow Noodles ($5.80)


Signature Noodle – Kway Tiao ($5.80)


The Braised Pork ($2.80 for boat size, $5.80 for regular size) is incredibly tender and melts in the mouth.


Braised Pork ($2.80 for boat size, $5.80 for regular size)

For dessert, The Milky Way serves up warm, fluffy Waffles ($5 for Half Waffle, $7.80 for Full Waffle) made in-house. Top up $3 – $5 for some delicious, cooling Ice Cream that’s also made in house!



Waffles ($5 for Half Waffle, $7.80 for Full Waffle; top up $3 – $5 for ice cream)

Got a craving for The Milky Way’s homemade ice cream? You can enjoy these cooling treats in the comfort of your home with their current promo! Get free delivery with every order of 4 640ml tubs ($19 per tub, top up $4 for Rum flavour and $6 for Mao Shan Wang flavour) , which includes a thermal bag and a bag of waffle cones.

Address: Tanglin Halt Road Block 48 01-333
Google Maps
Nearest MRT: Commonwealth EW20
Opening Hours: 9am – 9pm daily
Contact:+65 9119 0700




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