Shake Shack Opens @ Great World, Kim Seang Promenade; Limited Spicy Jalapeño Menu Debuts 28 Apr (Media)

Shake Shack marks its second anniversary in Singapore, with a sixth outlet at Great World, formerly known as Great World City! The new outpost, which features plush, dark blue booths  fitted with whimsical green and orange accents, will open its doors on 28 April. 




Turn up the heat with Shake Shack’s new limited-offering, an all-American Jalapeño Ranch menu that runs island wide from 28 April – 15 June 2021. Think rich, creamy sauce blended with jalapeño for an extra spicy kick! 

As they say, the only thing better than crinkle cut fries, is loaded crinkle cut fries. The Jalapeño Ranch Fries ($6.50) features creamy ranch sauce made from real parmesan, black pepper, and house-pickled  jalapeño, topped with plenty of chopped spring onions and crispy bacon bits.

The ranch sauce is the star of the show here, tying all the elements together to make every fry tastier. The crispy bacon bits add some umami and smokiness to the crunchy greens. 


Jalapeño Ranch Fries ($6.50)

Between the Jalapeño Ranch Shackburger ($11.90) and Jalapeño Ranch Chick’n Shack ($11.90), my vote goes to the latter. The crunchy jalapeño pairs really well with the deep fried chicken, whose crisp batter gives way to juicy, succulent meat.

Personally, I would have loved a touch more spiciness, to really give ’em burgers that extra oomph. But if  you’re spice-averse, you can safely indulge in these burgers without the dreaded sting on your taste buds. 


Jalapeño Ranch Shackburger ($11.90)



Jalapeño Ranch Chick’n Shack ($11.90)s

It’s almost tradition by now for every Shake Shack outlet in Singapore to feature its own, exclusive Concrete. The new Great World outlet pays tribute to the malls history as a former amusement park, with not one, but two flavours inspired by giddy amusement park afternoons.

Enjoy literal popping sensations with the Poppin’ Good Time ($7.50 – $9.50). The vanilla custard base is blended with a generous amount of chocolate poprocks, fudgy brownies by Plain Vanilla, and finished with salted caramel sauce and gold sprinkles. A real good looker with sweet and salty notes blended perfectly together! 


Poppin’ Good Time ($7.50- $9.50)

Credit where credit is due; Shake Shack is really good at re-creating snacks and flavours from our childhood. The Berry Ferris Wheel ($7.50 – $9.50) is another rich, sinful sweet that blends tangy raspberries with cheesecake. I love how distinct the cheesecake flavour is in this one! 


Berry Ferris Swell ($7.50 – $9.50)

For the ultimate dessert lover, these exclusive Concretes may be worth venturing beyond the outskirts of Orchard Road for. What’s more, 5% of sales from the Shack Attack Concrete at Great World will go to Promisedland Community Services, as part of Shake Shack’s continuing Stand For Something Good mission. 


Look forward to these delectable bites when the Great World Shack opens its doors on 28 April! 

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Address: Great World 01-101, 1 Kim Seng Promenade, Singapore 237994
Google Maps
Nearest MRT: Orchard NS22
Opening Hours: 
11am – 10pm daily




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