Shake Shack Opens @ Suntec City, City Hall on 30 Sept; Exclusive ShackMeister Menu Debuts Islandwide on 5 Oct (Media)

Mark your calendars – Shake Shack is officially opening its fourth outlet in Singapore at Suntec City on 30 September. And to celebrate, Shake Shack will be launching a limited-time ShackMeister Menu, featuring fan favourites with a bonus topping of crispy fried shallots!


First created in the 2015 for a burger competition in the USA, the ShackMeister menu will be launched exclusively at Suntec City on 30 September, before debuting across all four Singapore Shacks on 5 October.

The secret to a perfect ShackMeister lies in the custom-brewed ShackMeister ale which the shallots are marinated in, before being coated with Chick’n Shack coating, flour, cayenne, and paprika, then fried into a crisp, golden brown. The garlicky notes and extra crunch add a bonus to an already lip-smacking good meal at Shake Shack.

Biting into my ShackMeister Burger ($10.90), I was greeted by layers of 100% Angus beef melded with melted, gooey cheese and shallots which crunched with each bite. Truly the ultimate hangover food to indulge in if you’re after some sinful, oily fast food goodness. Way to tick off your vegetable quota in the most decadent way possible.


ShackMeister Burger ($10.90)

The ShackMeister menu is a dream realised for all of us who have secretly wondered what it’s like to sprinkle ladles of tiny, fried shallot rings from our favourite noodle stall on our fast food takeout. Adding fried shallots to flat-top dogs and cheese fries, why the hell not?

I must say that the ShackMeister Burger did leave me feeling contentedly full and on the verge of belting out a new symphony from the gut. So if you’re after something less… vigorous on your tummy, the ShackMeister Dog ($6.50) should do the job.


ShackMeister Dog ($6.50)

If you thought Shake Shack’s cheese fries are a mouthful, get ready to conquer a mountain load of carby goodness with the ShackMeister Cheese Fries ($5.90). With the gooey cheese sauce splayed generously over the crinkle cut fries, the crispy layer of shallots is a bonus in taste and texture.


ShackMeister Cheese Fries ($5.90)

And yes, the very ShackMeister Ale ($9.50) that sparked this garlicky creation will also be on the menu!


ShackMeister Ale ($9.50)

No fast food feast is complete without dessert. The Matcha Made in Heaven ($7.50) is the newest treat for the sweet-toothed at Shake Shack.

Despite its name, the concrete itself is made with a vanilla frozen custard blended with strawberry yuzu jam and shortbread. While the topping of premium matcha powder could be more distinct in taste, it’s the freeze-dried strawberries that are the winner for me. Tangy and chunky, the berries add some bite to this rich, creamy dessert. Strawberry and Cream seems a more apt name for it.


Matcha Made In Heaven ($7.50)

Shake Shack will open its doors at Suntec City on 30 September, with the ShackMeister menu to be served exclusively till 5 October. As with the other Shacks, this one is pretty well lit and spacious, with its signature use of indoor flora to add a touch of green to the minimalist decor. Keep a look out for a colourful wall mural that was painted by art duo, RIPPLE ROOT!





Shake Shack is located at Suntec City’s West Wing; nearest MRT Station is Esplanade.

Address: Suntec City 01-357
Google Maps
Nearest MRT: Esplanade CC3
Opening Hours: 
11am – 9.30pm daily



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