Le Matin Patisserie @ Raeburn Park, Outram Park – Experimental Bakery Worth the Pilgrimage; Weekend Specials Available

I’ve written about Le Matin Patisserie so frequently, it’s almost as though I’ve become a regular. But, it would be a sin to not venture to its experimental bakery at Raeburn Park after sampling their sweet and savoury boxes! 


Read my review of Le Matin Patisserie’s bake boxes: 

Getting to Le Matin’s test kitchen is a mini-pilgrimage in itself, with its premises tucked deep in the heart of an industrial neighbourhood. A shuttle bus runs every 15 – 20 minutes from Outram  Park MRT Station Exit E on weekdays, though you’ll have to make the journey on foot or by car on weekends. 

Still, if you’re able to brave the distance, you’ll find yourself rewarded with freshly baked treats and a serene snacking spot to boot. 


With daily bakes displayed next to Le Matin’s entrance, it’s hard not to be spoiled for choice. Peruse the glass cases and get a glimpse of what your selected bake would look like. Be warned, though, they’re said to sell out pretty quickly especially on the weekends. 


If you’ve always wanted to order one of Le Matin’s bake boxes, but hesitated because you were more keen on certain flavours, now is the chance to try them ala carte. The Pain Au Chocolat ($8) is flaky and decadent, with intense chocolate flavours encased within the pastry. I love how the gold flakes add some luxe to it!  


Pain Au Chocolate ($8)

Weekend customers may also find themselves rewarded with a couple of exclusive items that are not available on Le Matin’s online menu. The Sea Urchin Quiche ($26) is one such item that bears distinct flavours of the sea, with traces of uni baked into the custardy base. A true marriage of French recipes and Japanese ingredients. 


Sea Urchin Quiche ($20)

Truffle lovers will adore the Black Truffle Cruffin ($18), with the semi-hard pastry crowned with a generous layer of black truffle shavings. The truffle cream within the pastry itself is surprisingly sweet. 


Black Truffle Cruffin ($18)

Le Matin Patisserie has never failed to impress me, and I’ll be looking forward to see what aesthetic bakes the team churns out next! 

Address: 10 Raeburn Park Block B 01-25 Singapore (088702)
Google Maps
Nearest MRT: Outram Park EW16/NE3
Shuttle bus schedule
Opening Hours: 
Wednesday to Sunday: 8am – 5pm 
Closed on Monday and Tuesday 
Contact: +65 8030 7303



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