Eggslut Singapore First Anniversary – Limited-Time Sandwich and Dessert Available Till 16 October (Media)

Eggslut Singapore is commemorating its first anniversary in Singapore with not one, but two time-limited items that will be available at its Scotts Square outpost from now till 16 October 2022! 


The gourmet-style eatery opened to much fanfare last year, and it’s exciting to see what Eggslut has cooked up to keep customers coming. The Avocado and Prawn Sandwich ($16) is a saucy sandwich that boasts up to four juicy grilled tiger prawns layered with avocado slices, over medium egg, and melted cheddar cheese. 

Fans of Singapore-style seafood will delight in the plump, juicy prawns that are slathered with sweet chilli mayo that kicks Eggslut’s sandwiches up a notch. If you appreciate a little spice in your sandwiches, this will seal the deal for you. It’s a delightfully messy sandwich that marries Eggslut’s time-honoured egg sandwich recipe with a couple of local twists. 


Avocado and Prawn Sandwich ($16)

The wildly popular Slut will also be available as a decadent dessert for a limited time. Be sure to mix the vanilla and hazelnut panna cotta with the mango passionfruit sphere, so you can enjoy the best of both sweet and sour flavours in one bite! 


Pana Cotta Slut ($6)

Eggslut’s anniversary items will be available till 16 October, so be sure to get a taste before they’re gone! 


Read my review of Eggslut Singapore here. 

Address: Scotts Square 01-12, Singapore 228209
Google Maps
Nearest MRT: Orchard NS22
Opening Hours: 
8am – 10pm daily 



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