Brawn and Brains @ Guillemard Road – Simple Savouries and Bakes Next to a Rockclimbing Gym

We’ve seen a number of bustling cafes and bakeries expand to better accommodate their customers; Brawn and Brains is one of them.

Tucked away in the Old Singapore Badminton Hall on Guillemard Road, the cafe has seen a healthy number of crowds especially on the weekends, when regulars of the rockclimbing gym next door drop by for a well deserved treat. And of course, those who come to enjoy fresh brews and an afternoon in this well-lit space – yay for light hungry Instagrammers like myself!

Much like The Bakehouse and Percolate, Brawn and Brains’ menu is pretty simple – no more than 3 options on its weekend main courses, some baked goods and a generous range of coffee, tea, and juice.

Mains are simple, yet hearty. Don’t expect some fancy schmancy fusion cooking or artful plating to blow you away; classic fare works best in this humble space.

The Open Face Toast with Slow Cooked Egg ($14.90) is served with a choice of smoked salmon or bacon, with an Amazon forest’s worth of greens hiding on the plate. Spinach, onions, crunchy, sweet green peas and the occasional thinly sliced orange wedge. The brioche toast packed another pleasant surprise with a layer of melted cheese under those generous slices of smoked salmon.

I only wish that the slow cooked egg, which wobbled ever so gratuitously with the slightest movement, was actually runny. All in all, a perfect meal to tuck into if you’re coming in famished from an hour or two of exercise. 😉

For something lighter on the tummy, the Curried Chicken Wrap ($10.90) is the one to have. I actually liked how comforting the curried chicken tasted, along with the side of potato chips.

If you want something extra with your wraps, you can add on Smoked Salmon ($3.50), Bacon ($3.50), or Avocado ($2.50) – not exactly cheap when they only gave about half an avocado.

The real claim to fame at Brawn and Brains, however, are the Croissants ($3.90), as they sold out pretty fast.

There are two flavours – Earl Grey and Chocolate, and both come with toasted hazelnuts. The icing broke off the croissant too easily when I cut into it, so I had to resort to eating it with my hand. Earl grey taste wasn’t as strong as I hoped, and it became cloyingly sweet to eat through the entire croissant.

Brawn and Brains is a great cafe to visit in the heartlands, though it did get a tad squeezy with many people seated at the long communal tables.  If you want a little quiet time with your companion, try gunning for the smaller tables next to the window – but hurry, for they get snapped up as quickly as the croissants!

Address: 100 Guillemard Road 01-07
Contact: 6384 8892
Opening hours: 
Tuesday to Friday: 9am – 7pm
Saturday and Sunday: 9.30am – 7.30pm
Kitchen closes at 5.30pm

WebsiteFacebook / Instagram 

Directions: Alight at Mountbatten MRT Station and take Exit A. Walk straight through the HDB estate until you reach the Old Singapore Badminton Hall building. Brawn and Brains is on the other side.


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