COCA Singapore Hotpot for Four – Double-Broth Indulgence with Complimentary Mala Fried Rice and Mala Fish Skin; Free Delivery with $100 Spend (Media)

You can take a girl out of a hotpot restaurant (for now), but you can’t take hotpot out of a girl. This stay-home season, indulge hotpot cravings with COCA Singapore’s Hotpot Sets, available for takeaway and delivery! 


Established in Singapore in 1987, COCA marries authentic Thai cuisine with Cantonese home-style cooking, to pamper diners’ tastebuds with the best of both cultures. Among COCA’s house specialties are its fish glue, shrimp paste, and handmade dumplings, all of which are classic picks at any hotpot meal. 

At $82, the COCA Hotpot Set A feeds 3 to 4 pax comfortably, with two flavourful soup bases to cook your favourite hotpot ingredients. The Signature Hua Diao Phoenix Pot releases a fragrant aroma on boiling, while Tantalizing Tom Yum will add an ever so subtle kick to your hotpot. 


COCA’s Hotpot Set A offers a mouthwatering variety of hotpot goodies, including: 

  • Thinly Sliced Pork Collar
  • Chicken Fillet
  • Prawns
  • Chicken Meat Paste
  • Shrimp Wanton
  • Fishball with Roe
  • Chinese Cabbage
  • Local Lettuce
  • Emperor Shiitake
  • Green Noodles 
The Thinly Sliced Pork Collar cooks perfectly with either soup base, though we’re strong fans of the Signature Hua Diao Phoenix Pot. The herbal notes from the ginseng compliment the homely ingredients perfectly, and the portions are enough to leave you thoroughly stuffed, thought I would have preferred if the ingredients were less oily. Other favourites from this set are the Shrimp Wanton and Fishball with Roe. 





Feeling peckish while waiting for your hotpot? Or are you one of those who absolutely can’t go without carbs at every meal? Enjoy Complimentary Mala Fried Rice and Complimentary Mala Fish Skin with every order of COCA’s Hotpot Set A. Mala fans will love the slight numbing mouthfeel from the fried rice. We could hardly stop at one piece while snacking on the fish skin; suffice to say, it was completely obliterated by the end of our meal!


Enjoy 20% off self-pick up orders, or free delivery with a minimum spend of $100. Self-pick up is available from 11am – 8pm daily, while islandwide deliveries can be made from 11am – 8.30pm. 


Takeaway Hours: 11am – 8pm daily 
Delivery Hours: 11am – 8.30pm daily  
Contact: +65 8869 7131



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