COCA Pao Fan – Comforting Poached Rice Available for Dinner Buffet, Takeaway, and Delivery (Media)

It wasn’t too long ago that Singapore was swept by a pao fan craze. And with the recent dip in temperatures spurring cravings for comfort food, there’s no better time than now to get a taste of poached rice with your favourite ingredients from COCA Singapore. 


While most tend to conflate it with porridge, pao fan is prepared by steaming the rice grains before drenching it in broth. COCA Singapore’s is available in three flavours: Hua Diao Chicken, Seafood, and Sliced Fish. 

The Hua Diao Chicken Pao Fan ($15.90) is a wholesome dish that features hearty ingredients and bold flavours. The drunken chicken drumstick is tender and tasty, complimented by the earthiness of the black fungus and shiitake mushrooms. 


Hua Diao Chicken Pao Fan ($15.90)

Seafood lovers will appreciate the Seafood Pao Fan ($16.90) and Sliced Fish Pao Fan ($15.90). Go for the Seafood Pao Fan if you want to try a variety of COCA’s seafood offerings, which include fresh fish slices, flower clams, and prawns.  


Seafood Pao Fan ($16.90)


Sliced Fish Pao Fan ($15.90)

The Double-Boiled Chicken Soup elevates the ingredients, giving it added wholesomeness. While the crispy rice with chopped garlic and chilli adds punch, both in terms of texture and flavour. Add this to your dinner buffet next time you dine at COCA, or order in you’re craving a spot of comfort on a rainy day! 


Takeaway Hours: 11am – 8pm daily 
Delivery Hours: 11am – 8.30pm daily  
Contact: +65 8869 7131



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